At Pinnacle, we take the health and wellbeing of our clients to another level: a commitment to help clients reach their goals and maintain optimal health and fitness for life.

As health and fitness professionals, we are exemplars of the pay-off that an investment in a holistic view on well-being delivers. We are kind, sensitive, well-groomed, confident and generous with our knowledge. We are the pinnacle of well-being that we strive to deliver to our clients.

Drawing on the latest health and fitness research, insights and technology, we inspire our clients to achieve their goals in a clean, friendly and professional environment where they can engage in deepening or beginning new friendships.

We are a community that is always ready to go the extra mile, providing the platform, tools, and motivation that deliver the results our clients strive towards as well as helping each other discover the path towards life-long health, well-being and fitness. Our approach to all the clients of Pinnacle Health Clubs is welcoming, supportive and personally engaged, qualities that will allow them respite whilst they’re with us and confidence when they’re going about their day-to-day lives.


Little improvements every day lead to progression

Servant Leadership
Focuses primarily on the growth and wellbeing of the people and the communities to which we belong.

If we are passionate about what we do, then it won’t seem like work

Team work
Supporting the organisation as a whole to achieve success means each and every one of us playing our role, and working together to achieve greatness

Having the ability to understand where others are coming from. Without empathy, we cannot help our members