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19 May 2015

Melissa Shares Her 12 Week Challenge Journey

Meet Melissa, a member of the Upwey Gym. She is regular 12 Week Challenge participant. With each and every 12 Week Challenge she embarks on, she makes ongoing changes to improve her healthy lifestyle while experiencing amazing results! We have invited Melissa so tell us more about her 12 Week Challenge journey and share her success.

  1. How did the 12 Week Challenge improve your health and lifestyle?

    The 12 Week Challenge improved my eating and made me think about everything I eat. I enjoy life so much more and have so much extra energy.  

  2. How did having a Personal Trainer benefit you throughout the program? (If applicable)

    I couldn’t have done it without my trainer. I had never really lifted weights before and now I have improved my posture and gained muscle. 

  3. Explain how the 12 Week Challenge motivated you to exercise more?

    It’s motivating having the Challengers around you and wanting the same. Also seeing results on the InBody scanner.  

  1. Tell us more about your 12 Week Challenge journey. (E.g. Hurdles you’ve overcome and personal achievements, learning outcomes)

    There have been a few personal achievements while completing the 12 Week Challenge:

  •  I completed the Puffing Billy Fun Run.

  • I have corrected my posture

  • I have learned correct technique when performing exercises 

Melissa participated in the Sunday morning sessions and appreciates the support from the trainers. “I would like to thank all the trainers who gave up Sunday morning to come and train us!”

Registrations for the next 12 Week Challenge are now open. For more information and to register now visit

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