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Latest news from Pinnacle

19 Jan 2015

12 Week Challenge - FREE For Members

Reach Your Pinnacle Body In 2015

The team at Pinnacle would like to wish you a healthy, rewarding and productive new year. This time means a chance at a new beginning perhaps, or to set new goals to reach in 2015.
Our 12 Week Challenge is a great way to set new goals and achieve great results for yourself, with the support of fellow members and personal trainers.

This year we have some exciting, new inclusions to our 12 Week Challenge program.

Chat to our friendly team to see how you can reach your Pinnacle body.

Register now online or at reception today.

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Featured Classes — over 40 more to choose from

Body Blitz

Develop your SASS – stamina, attitude, strength and shape.

Work at your own level and pace through a range of fun challenges for the core, arms, legs and fitness.


Non-stop, high energy, cardio boxing style class.

Punching and kicking combinations offer constant change and challenge. It keeps your heart rate up and constantly burning.

Just Abs

One class designed to working on just your stomach.

In this half hour you will work on all of your stomach muscles to get you one step closer to toned abs.