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Latest news from Pinnacle

8 Jul 2014

Boot Camp Is FREE For Members

Starts Tuesday, 29th July

Boot camp is a structured 6 week program aimed at fast tracking fitness and weight loss results.

As the name "Boot Camp" suggests, the 6 weeks are intended to be mentally and physically challenging. However, the main aim of the program is to enhance participant motivation and drive through the results based exercises.

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8 Jul 2014

Pinnacle Performance Zone

From our recent visit to the world Fitness Expo in Germany in April, we are excited to bring back to Pinnacle – Pinnacle’s Performance Zone.

Functional Training is one of the latest trends to hit the fitness industry and has proven results for fitness, weight loss and overall strength and conditioning. The Performance Zone combines Functional Training concepts with small group coaching style sessions.

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Featured Classes — over 40 more to choose from

Body Blitz

Develop your SASS – stamina, attitude, strength and shape.

Work at your own level and pace through a range of fun challenges for the core, arms, legs and fitness.


Non-stop, high energy, cardio boxing style class.

Punching and kicking combinations offer constant change and challenge. It keeps your heart rate up and constantly burning.

Just Abs

One class designed to working on just your stomach.

In this half hour you will work on all of your stomach muscles to get you one step closer to toned abs.