Pinnacle Wellness Yoga

Your daily dose of wellbeing designed to fuel your body, mind and spirit.

Classes for Beginners to Advanced

Our studios cater for beginners through to advanced participants.

30+ Classes per week

Each studio has over 30 yoga  classes to choose from. From yoga basics to more advanced vinyasa flow classes.

Relaxing & Calming Studio Space

Our studios are designed for optimal relaxation and focus. The ultimate wellbeing escape.

Infared Heat Lamps

We use infrared heaters which silently and quickly warm up our studios. Hot Pilates and yoga classes available.

How can Yoga Support your Health?

From improving flexibility to protecting your spine and building muscle strength, regular yoga sessions can help you sleep, boost your immune system, and even provide inner strength. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, yoga is one activity that works the mind just as much as the body.
Using slow movements and controlled stretches combined with breathing exercises, yoga will de-stress and relax your body. but don’t be fooled – you can still work up a sweat as you complete each challengeing yet rewarding sequence of poses.

Key Benefits of Yoga

Practice Mindfulness

Improved Flexibilty

Focus on Wellbeing

Improves Balance

Try a Yoga Class Free Today

Want to discover why yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise today? Find out more about our complimentary Yoga Basics class exclusively available to new yogis here.

Why Join Pinnacle Wellness?

The team at Pinnacle Wellness are passionate about supporting each of our members to find their wellness escape. Our beautiful studios support from a mind and body perspective, in a space that feels like home. With small class sizes and dedicated studio managers at each location, our team are on hand to modify all exercises to suit your needs and connect with you personally as part of our Wellness community.

What our Wellness members say…

Christian – Oakleigh

“Pilates is an open environment as everyone is excited to part of this social community”

Johanne – Scoresby

“I am so grateful for the staff/trainers that motivate me everyday.”

Lisa – Parkdale

“The classes have been slow paced, informative and perfect for a beginner like myself. It has given me the foundations and confidence to continue with yoga.”

Tony – Upwey

“I love the Pinnacle Wellness classes. It’s a low impact group exercise where you can take it at your own pace.”