With government-legislated quarantine still dictating our movements, many companies have opted to have their employees work from home (WFH). This action should be commended as it keeps everyday Australians safe and helps people stay employed despite the current circumstances. However, for those who are working from home, the new routine and lack of proper office equipment may take a significant toll on your muscles. Make your home office a makeshift yoga studio! 

Here are some yoga stretches that we recommend to relieve bodily stress and brighten the mind for work.

The crescent moon pose

A simple one to start you off. Remain seated and clasp your hands together. Lift your arms as far up into the air as possible and then take turns leaning towards the right or the left, moving slowly. This will help lengthen the spine and provide relief to muscles on either side of the body. 

The figure 4 stretch

While seated in an upright position, rest your right foot on your left knee as if you’re crossing your legs loosely. Next, slowly use your right hand to press down on the right knee towards the ground, creating a stretch that you’ll feel in the back of your right hip and buttock. Long distance runners use this stretch for muscle relief around the lower back area. 

The desk downward dog 

This motion is much akin to the downward dog stretch that you perform on the floor. Stand a meter away from your desk and bend over into a 90 degree angle, with hands resting on top of the desk. Then, use your weight to push forward and upward into the signature back stretch. It’s extremely important that your desk or table is secured against a wall in order to support your weight. If not, perhaps just stick to a regular downward dog on the floor.

Seated twist

While seated, maintain an upright position with both feet flat on the floor. Next, slowly twist your upper body to the right and take three deep breaths. Repeat this motion on the other side ensuring that your upper body is the only thing twisting. Keeping your feet flat on the floor will help you maintain your balance. Be sure to do this movement slowly and don’t twist further than what is comfortable. The gentler the movement, the better. 

Neck Release

Standing up with legs apart, take your right hand and place it over your head, resting your hand on the left side of your face. Then, slowly press your head down enough until you can feel a light stretch on the left side of the neck. Repeat this for the other side. This is a great means of relaxing tension in the neck and upper back after sitting down and staring at your computer all day.

If you’ve given these stretches a shot and are keen to take your stretches and overall tranquility to the next level, get in touch with the team and Pinnacle Health Club today! With our daily live yoga and meditation classes, you’ll no doubt find the perfect class to suit your fitness needs from the comfort of your own home!