1. Boxing is a scientifically proven stress release 

Feeling stressed has become such commonplace these days that we generally accept it as part and parcel of our daily existence. When you hit a punching bag or pads, the effect is very cathartic which helps to lower stress levels whilst also increasing the production of those ‘feel good’ endorphins in the brain.

To really maximise these benefits, Pharrell suggests combining physical stress relief with mental stress relief. “I often drive to the picturesque Dandenong ranges and write in my spare time to relax and reset my mind,” he says. “It’s the best way to keep your mind focused and increase your awareness, which makes a big difference to how you view your daily tasks.”

When we practice mindful activities, such as writing in a journal, in unison with a good boxing session, things we once viewed as problems become problem solved! The follow on effect is we then have more brainpower and energy to focus on the things that really matter such as our family and friends, and our overall wellbeing.

2. Boxing is the perfect overall body workout

Once hitting the scales at 120kg, Pharrell knows firsthand how beneficial boxing is for getting in shape and improving your health. A great boxing class will keep your heart rate high, thus enhancing cardiovascular health, whilst also improving strength, hand-eye coordinator and body composition. Combine these four factors with its stress relieving potential and boxing really is the ideal overall body workout.

3. Boxing is fun!

Typically in a boxing class you will be paired with another person who will hold the pads when you punch and vice-versa, so it’s great for enhancing your social side. You may choose to box with a friend or family member to help keep each other accountable, or use the opportunity to meet like-minded people in a comfortable and non-threatening training environment.

*Please contact your local Health Professional for more information.