A Wellness routine is a daily schedule that incorporates all of your healthy habits – like your meal plan, your workout routine, your self-care activities, and a solid night’s sleep. the perfect wellness routine will support you on the tough days and give you an extra boost on the best days (Page Grossman, 2020)

At times it can be overwhelming with all the information available to us when it comes to Wellness and creating a balanced routine; get lots of sleep, meditate daily, go to Pilates and yoga, go for long walks, switch off from technology, stretch at night, write in your journal….

There are plenty of options available for us to create a wonderful and balanced routine. However, at times it can be overwhelming to try and fit it all in daily, weekly and monthly when life gets in the way.

Let’s create a Wellness Budget to help with your wellness routine. Let me explain!

A wellness budget is about identifying the things that make you feel really good, and focusing on them daily, weekly or monthly to avoid feeling overwhelmed and deflated that you can’t do it all.

Firstly, identify what the types of activities or focuses are that actually make you feel the best. Once you’ve identified these, and decided these things are what you care about, and are willing to spend your time, energy and money on then stick to it and make them a priority.

So, if your wellness = your time, money and energy, it becomes easier to see and feel the benefits of these things. You can really take the time to value those moments rather than trying to fit it all in at once. Anything else that you can fit in when time becomes available is an added bonus.

For me, my wellness budget is exercising 5 times a week, finishing one painting a week and eating healthy and nutritious foods. If I tried to add in meditation, a 20-minute walk, switching off from technology, stretching every night, and writing in my journal everyday like I would love to then I become overwhelmed and feel like I don’t have time or energy for anything else. So if I identified the things that made me feel amazing, and put them as a high priority in the budget, anything else that I get to do is an added bonus for the week.

Now it’s time to create your own! Start by identifying the things that make you feel at your best and take the time to focus on those things to create a balanced and healthy wellness routine.

Sarah x