Entering the half way point in the 21 Day Easter Hangover Challenge (where our members attend as many Group Fitness and/or Results Sessions as possible for the chance to win awesome prizes), we wanted to know what they love about Group Fitness. This is what some of our members said when we asked ‘What’s your favourite Group Fitness Class and Why?’…

What our UPWEY Members said…

Dance Xtreme: It’s unique and a great fun workout. The instructors are inspiring – Female, 45-54

Konga: Fun, good cardio (more than just dancing) & muscles feel worked afterwards – Female, 25-34

Yoga: I love the amazing feeling afterwards. Perfect harmony between Body, Mind and Soul – Female, 35-44

Body Pump: Great music and I love the weights. The instructors have been amazing with motivation to keep pushing through to get results – Female, 25-34

Can’t choose a favourite because I enjoy them all for different reasons – Female, 25-34

Super Seniors: The whole hour is spent in the exercise room. The class is informal and fun, yet we get a good workout too – Female, 55-64

Cycle: because it’s a good hard cardio session – Female, 25-34

Barre Attack: because of the pace and the intensity. The exercises target the areas that I try to target. – Female, 14-24

WOW (Workout of the Week): Love the variety each week and it’s a killer – Male, 35-44
(NB: * WOW is a circuit based program that is performed at high intensity to push your body to its limits, creating a lean and toned body.)

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What our OAKLEIGH Members said…

Zumba: The music helps keep you motivated to go hard – Female, 35-44

Love all the classes and the instructors, they are awesome! – Female, 45-54

Body Pump: I enjoy lifting weights but don’t really feel comfortable doing this on my own – Female, 25-34

Boxing: All over workout and cardio. Feels good when I’ve finished both mentally and physically – Female, 35-44

Body Attack: Excellent instructor and we have a great group of friend who do the class with us – Male, 35-44

Yoga: The teacher & the type of yoga which creates a tough yet rewarding workout experience – Male, 55-64

Cycling as it’s something I really enjoy – Male, 45-54

Body Attack & Body Balance: I love both because of the instructor. She makes class so positive and uplifting, I always enjoy attending – Female, 14-24 years

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What our SCORESBY Members said…

Body Attack: It is a great workout – Male, 45-54

Boxing: I have done a little boxing in the past which makes it even more enjoyable – Male, 35-44

Pilates and Cycle: Great music and instructors. Pilates is great as I need assistance with core workouts. Cycle is great as I wouldn’t usually use the bikes – it’s great to have instruction and goals set. Cycle also gives me a good cardio workout before weight training, without impacting my joints – Female, 45-54

All the classes as it gives me a variety of workouts and I feel my body needs it to keep me fit – Female, 45-54

Barre Attack: everything about it. The facilitators are great, the pace, the ballet component, adaption to meet individual ability or adjustment for injuries. It is a great cardio and sweat-inducing workout. – Female, 55-64

Yoga: Work out for mind, body & spirit; the whole package! – Female, 55-64

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