Strengthen legs, glutes, core, arms, chest & shoulders with these simple but oh so effective workout faves!

Legs & glutes will burn (in delight) with the Step Ups; focus heavily on your triceps, while also improving strength in your chest and shoulders with Tricep Dips and add a Plank to build isometric strength which helps sculpt your waistline and improve your posture.


, Top 3 Beginner Exercises
  1. Start facing bench/elevation with high chest and neutral body position
  2. Place first foot on bench, push through the heel and extend hip and knee
  3. Step down with second leg by flexing hip and knee of first leg
  4. Alternate


, Top 3 Beginner Exercises
  1. Start by placing hands on the edge of the bench, with feet fat on the ground (heels for progression)
  2. Descend by bending arms until slight stretch is felt in chest/shoulder
  3. Push through the palms, keeping the spine neutral and hips close to the bench, extending the arms back to original position


, Top 3 Beginner Exercises
  1. Start laying fat on stomach, placing forearms and palms fat on the floor
  2. Lift your chest, stomach and legs of the floor and maintain your balance between forearms and toes
  3. Hold umbilical line in and squeeze glutes
  4. Keep a straight line from shoulders across back and to the feet
  5. Body to stay in a neutral position
  6. Hold

If you are unsure about technique or want further advice before adding any of the exercises above into your workout, we recommend consulting a Pinnacle Coach. Our Coaches are exercise professional with the knowledge and expertise to coach specific movement patterns, training programs and prescribe exercise for results. Pinnacle coaches are industry leading in their field and have the educational backing to advise you on your path to success.


*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.

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