This year hasn’t quite panned out as anyone expectedwith multiple lockdowns, job instability, fear, and an air of not knowing what is next to come. So how can we pivot and adjust our plans and our routine to get the most out of this time? For those of us who are productivity motivated, or goal driven, it can feel like this year has been a spanner in the works that seems impossible to work with 

Perhaps this time is an opportunity for us to revisit our values, to prioritise our physical and mental health, and re-structure our routines and rituals in order to be able to not only cope with the stresses of life and what is happening in the world today, but also to show up in our lives in a more grounded, more connected way.  

So what can you bring into your day to day life that will help you to improve your physical health, your mental health, and help you to be more stable in this fast-paced world?  

Here is a few things that our Upwey Studio Manager, Rosie incorporates into her day to feel grounded, present and positive in lockdown:

Getting up before sunrise to have time in quiet contemplation is newest habit. It can include journaling, pulling an oracle card for the day, meditation or simply watching the sun rise – depending on what I am feeling. 

Baths! Lighting a candle, putting some music on and letting myself just be completely relaxed as my soaks in an epsom salt bath is one of the most luxurious experiences for me. Before this year I never made time for baths, and now I understand what all of the hype is about! 

My yoga practice – whether it is a vigorous vinyasa practice or a few restorative postures in bed and some meditation, making time for yoga helps my mind to be clearer my body less tense. My yoga practice is the most important part of my self-care, and is truly the one thing that has helped my anxiety, changed my mindset, and healed my body in so many ways.

How Can Yoga Support Promote Self Care?

If you are looking for a practice that will help your body to heal, to recover from stress, to strengthen your immune system and to reduce your stress, we cannot recommend yoga enough, and if you need some help creating a home practice, we have created something special for you. 

The Yoga Ignite program is a three-week course specifically designed to help you to create a home practice with confidence, and with intention.  With this time in isolation, we want to help you to create rituals and routines to keep you well in your body as well as your mind.

Over the three weeks together, we will explore setting intentions for our practice and in our day, alignment in yoga poses, and the importance of breath in yoga and as a powerful tool for stress and anxiety, sleep, digestion and pain management. We will also work on transitioning from pose to pose safely and gracefully, delve into the stillness and silence of our practice, and discuss how to approach your yoga practice from a place of self-loveWith two live sessions per week, you will have all the support that you need to start your practice. 

Want to join us for the Yoga Ignite program? Find out more and book your spot here We can’t wait to see you there!  

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