The world is changing, to say the least! With government-legislated quarantine regulations seeing more Australians spending time at home, we think it’s safe to say that the last few months have been challenging. Fitness regimes have also been forced to change. But although you can’t visit us at the studio, we are dedicated to ensuring the studio comes to you.

Here’s why.

Yoga keeps you fit

Much like other forms of exercise, yoga is an excellent way to tone the body and improve your overall physical health. This centuries-old method takes a holistic approach to your health, aiming to create balance between the body and mind. 

With minimal impact on the body, yoga is a great way to strengthen and stretch the muscles without damaging or exacerbating any sensitive joint issues. It can also help build up a burn to encourage weight loss, so don’t be fooled by the chill vibes that yogis give off. Yoga can be as challenging as you want it to be!

Continued practice will lead to better technique, making it great for increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles with extended use.

It doesn’t require much equipment 

Another great reason to try to get basic yoga into your isolation workouts is the minimal equipment necessary. While most classes are undertaken with a mat, you can always opt for a beach towel as an alternative. If your floors are slippery, we think it’s a good idea to place your makeshift towel/mat on the carpet for better grip. 

You can even up the ante with a resistance band to work the muscles a little harder.

Yoga is great for mindfulness meditation

In this particularly challenging time where uncertainty is rife and you can’t seem to see an end in sight, yoga can be extremely helpful in helping to quiet down the mind. Yoga can release any mental and emotional stress you may be feeling. 

Mindfulness meditation is a practice of focusing the mind on the here and now, which usually means honing all your concentration into the task at hand. The more you focus on your current task, the less room there is for things like fear of the future or past regrets to have a stranglehold on you through the day. 

While intense physical activity will always have its place (and the wonderful endorphins that come after), yoga focuses more so on slowing down the body and mind to achieve harmony between the two. 

We offer a whole host of yoga and meditation classes that’ll strengthen the body and brighten the soul. If you’re keen to see how you can start your yoga journey and gain a little peace of mind, contact us today!