The Reformer pilates method is quickly becoming one of the most popular pilates streams around. But what makes this method different from its counterparts? 

Here are 5 things you’ll experience from your standard reformer pilates class. 

More equipment 

One thing you’ll notice about reformer pilates is that not only is there a traditional reformer bed, but there’s more equipment in general that will be used to get the most out of your workout. From exercise balls to stretch bands, you’ll be using plenty of fitness gadgets to get you a deeper work out.  

Increased lean muscle 

Reformer pilates very much predicates the effects of deeper resistance that would not ordinarily come about from a traditional pilates workout. Due to this, people may find that their workouts may lead to a greater increase in muscle bulk in a shorter amount of time. These muscles are usually larger and tighter and a result of the carefully choreographed workouts created by reformer bed specialists who know how to get the most out of the equipment. 

Reduced joint pains 

While you certainly will be working up a sweat with a reformer pilates workout, you’ll find that you won’t have the same joint aches that would ordinarily come out during or after a HIIT workout. This is because reformer pilates uses less impact but still consists of enough resistance-based reps that’ll have your muscles burning in no time. This is a huge benefit to those who have experienced physical injuries and want to get back into shape without putting too much stress on vulnerable areas. 

Exceptional muscle tone

Once again, due to the resistance capabilities available on a reformer bed, users will notice an immediate improvement in muscle strength and tone. Not only will you be able to reach muscles you wouldn’t ordinarily think to strengthen but you’ll do so in a way that intensifies the workout, getting you visible results in a greater measure. 

Better posture and stronger core 

Another great benefit of reformer pilates classes is that you’ll experience better posture and a stronger core as a result. Not only do your muscles get strengthened but they’re worked out in such a way that your posture is enhanced and your core is built up in an upright position. Better posture not only helps your back strength but adds an illusion of greater height. 

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