Anthony Tregent

Coming a close 2nd in the Performance Category of our 12 Week Challenge Autumn 2017, Anthony also managed to lose 4.8% fat and 6.5kg!

A much loved member of Oakleigh, Anthony continues to set new benchmarks with Private Coaching and in The Locker Room. We can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

Success attributed to: 12 Week Challenge, The Locker Room, Private Coaching, self-discipline and a happy, positive mindset.


Dennis Nicol

Fitter, Faster, Stronger – that pretty much sums up this legendary Oakleigh Member.

Dennis has achieved amazing results in the 12 Week Challenge and the Locker Room and is an inspiration to many other members, as well as our Coaches.

Success attributed to: 12 Week Challenge, The Locker Room, Pinnacle Oakleigh, hard work, dedication and a positive mindset!

Dirk Oogjes

Winner of the Male Transformation Category in our Autumn 2017 12 Week Challenge, Dirk lost 13.1kg (11.8%), 11.3 of this was fat, and 7.3% body fat loss! He also dropped 5 points on the visceral scale and shaved off 35.1cm off his body.

Success attributed to: Pinnacle 12 Week Challenge, Pinnacle Upwey and being an awesome, motivating member with a positive attitude!

Dunya Sanduni

The other half of mother-daughter powerhouse (see Dunya’s mum Indira’s results here), Dunya gives 100 percent in every session and is still always smiling!

In our Autumn 2017 12 Week Challenge, the Dunya and Indira dreamteam lost a combined total of 16kgs and significantly improved their health and fitness. They continue to smash some amazing goals in The Locker Room at Oakleigh!

Success attributed to: Happy, positive mindsets, the 12 Week Challenge & The Locker Room


Ellery Read

Poster girl for steady progression, Ellery has set some inspiring health and fitness goals, achieved them and then moved her goal posts and started again. She well and truly smashed her first Pinnacle 12 Week Challenge with a 6.6kg weight loss, lean muscle increase and a new love for working out with others.

This gorgeous mum is an inspiration to not only us but many of our Upwey members!

Success attributed to: The 12 Week Challenge, Pinnacle Upwey & a lot of hard work and dedication!

Holly Shotton

In our Autumn 12 Week Challenge, Holly smashed her results across the board! Incredible fitness gains, weight lost, body fat shed and over 14cm in circumference GONE!

The only thing that didn’t change is her vibrant, bubbly personality!

Success attributed to:  The 12 Week Challenge

Nicole Sutherland

Oakleigh member Nicole has gone from strength to strength. In February 2017, she signed up for her first 12 Week Challenge in the gruelling Performance Category and lost 6.5% body fat, revealing those rippling abs! She also learnt a lot from her coach and discovered she could achieve much more than she originally gave herself credit for.

Discover more of her journey here.

Success attributed to: Private Coaching and 12 Week Challenge

Shonira Shugumar

No stranger to the Pinnacle podium, Shonira won the Autumn 12 Week Challenge in May 2017 and came 3rd in the Spring round! Her amazing photos show her transformation from February 2017 to November 2017 which included shedding 21.2kg, 16.8% body fat and 85.2cm

In her words: “Actually can’t even believe how different life is now.”

Success attributed to: The 12 Week Challenge, The Locker Room and Pinnacle Wellness.

Rhys Fisher

No stranger to a Pinnacle challenge, Rhys lost 69cm and 20.4kgs in 12 weeks when he was the 12WKC Winter 201

Success attributed to :  12 Week Challenge


*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.

Ralphe Hollenberg

With his quick wit, Ralphe always manages to make every session he attends more entertaining – he’s also a crowd favourite on the dancefloor at 12 Week Challenge Presentation Nights. In terms of health and fitness results, his photos speak for themselves.

Success attributed to : 12 Week Challenge*

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.