Pinnacle Wellness Reformer Pilates

Your daily dose of wellbeing designed to fuel your body, mind and spirit.

Classes for Beginners to Advanced

Our studios cater for beginners through to advanced participants. Prenatal clients welcome.

30+ Classes per week

Each studio has over 30 Reformer Pilates classes to choose from. 3 x class styles available to suit your practice.


Some of our classes include the use of TRX systems for added variety and fun to your reformer class.


Some of our classes include Barre for added variety and the ability to target those smaller muscle groups even more.

What is Reformer Pilates?

A full body-toning workout that increases stability and is a great way to recharge the batteries. Reformer Pilates is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to get into shape. With little-to-no impact on joints, reformer Pilates is ideal for all ages and fitness levels and can provide a workout with the following key benefits.

Key Benefits Reformer Pilates

Strengthens & Lengthens

Challenges Mind & Body

Improves Posture

Provides Variety & Fun

Try a Reformer Class Free Today

Discover the amazing health benefits of Reformer Pilates for yourself. Our complimentary Reformer Discovery Pass provides a no strings attached introduction to the reformer bed and how Pilates can support your health goals.

Why Join Pinnacle Wellness?

The team at Pinnacle Wellness are passionate about supporting each of our members to find their wellness escape. Our beautiful studios support from a mind and body perspective, in a space that feels like home. With small class sizes and dedicated studio managers at each location, our team are on hand to modify all exercises to suit your needs and connect with you personally as part of our Wellness community.  

In addition to the reformer bed, our studios also now include TRX & Barre in our Strength and Strength + classes. This allows for more variety and complimentary exercises to build on your reformer Pilates practice as well as finding new areas to work out.

What our Wellness members say about Reformer Pilates…

Christian – Oakleigh

“Pilates is an open environment as everyone is excited to part of this social community”

Johanne – Scoresby

“I am so grateful for the staff/trainers that motivate me everyday.”

Janice – Scoresby

“The exercises we do here and the support we get from the staff, really push me to work hard!”

Jeron – Upwey

I’ve seen a huge difference in my movement since starting at Pinnacle Wellness. The exercises are low impact so I never wake up feeling any aches or pains.”