I’ve been a Pinnacle Health Club Cranbourne member for a year and a half now and in that time I have managed to see myself become stronger, fitter, healthier and happier!

Pinnacle Cranbourne isn’t the first gym that I have been a member of but it is the first one that has felt like a home! It has excellent facilities with a great range of machines for various levels of experience and the staff that work at this gym are always so inviting, they really make you feel like part of a family. They are always happy to answer whatever question my brain can think up without fail; always take the time and have the patience to assist me in making my uncoordinated body do what it’s supposed to do and thankfully they keep the majority of their amusement to a vocal minimum whilst I’m sure they sit back to see exactly what personal bodily harm I can cause myself next by walking into, smacking my head/arms/feet/hands or limbs on, dropping weight plates or dumb bells onto or jumping/falling into or over something, anything or nothing at all… (Pinnacle: We think you’re doing an incredible job Mandy and it has been a pleasure for all of us to watch you transform to a happier, healthier member.)

I started coming to the gym for the same reasons many people start going to the gym – finally biting the bullet and tackling those extra kilos that accumulate throughout multiple winter periods, because let’s be honest, it wasn’t really just extra padding over the one winter – but during my time at this club, the gym has become so much more to me than just a gym. Attending Pinnacle Health Club Cranbourne has taught me a great deal about health, fitness, my previous lifestyle and the choices I was making. It has taught me about the importance of nutrition and eating, the effects that over training and under eating can have on the body; it has given me a healthier relationship with food not only in a physical sense but also in a mental one as well (you really think the instructors are crazy when they tell you to eat more but now I know for certain that it really does work); the importance of good posture and form (although with my body, my brain and my coordination, achieving that goal is so far off its just a blimp on the horizon) and it has made me not only physically stronger and healthy but also mentally stronger and healthy.

Attending Pinnacle has helped me become more consistent with weight training thanks to some guidance and pestering from instructors and recently, through joining the Chicks Lift program. During this time I have become much, much stronger. I’ve managed to smash my performance goals in just under a few months – I finally hit triple digits and joined the 100s club on the dead lift; I’ve achieved pull ups and chin ups (just don’t stand too close because you’re more than likely to get kicked) and unassisted dips and diamond push are getting easier and easier. My body fat percentage is going down and my muscle mass is going up (it’s officially time to throw the scales out because I’m healthily getting heavier).

In total, since joining Pinnacle I’ve managed to lose 11.6kg. Since October 2015 I’ve lost 4.98kg and 6.7% body fat and in the last 7 weeks since joining Chicks Lift I’ve gained 1.5kg of muscle*

I’ve increased my max:

  • Dead Lift from 65kg to 102.5kg
  • Squats from 70kg to 90kg
  • Bench Press from 35kg to 50kg
  • Shoulder Press 20kg to 35kg
  • Leg Press from 120kg to 190kg

The gym has become almost become my life. It’s what I’m passionate about, it’s what makes me feel happy on a bad day and it’s the only thing that makes me get out of bed at ridiculous hours in the morning. There is no other gym that I could have achieved what I have at or found the support in a fun and happy environment to do it in than Pinnacle Health Club Cranbourne.

We’re so proud of you Mandy and can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.