New Member Frequently asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not listed below, then please contact your club
How do I access the club?
You will receive a Pinnacle access FOB that you are to use to access the club. During reception hours, you can tap this tag at reception to ensure we know who is in the club at all times. During non – reception hours, this tag will provide your 24/7 gym access and open the doors for you.

Due to the current capacity restrictions, our 24/7 access has temporarily been removed. Our reception hours have been extended so you can still continue to train at a time that suits you.

Do I need to book my gym visit?

No. You no longer need to book your gym visit. This was a temporary measure whilst stringent capacity restrictions were in place. 

How do I book my group fitness classes?

It’s really easy to book your group fitness classes. You can do this via our Pinnacle Health Club app here



How do I book my studio classes?
It’s really easy to book your studio classes. You can do this via our Pinnacle Studio app here



What do I need to bring with me?

For every gym visit, make sure you bring a full length towel and a pre-filled drink bottle to stay hydrated!

Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear, we recommend something comfortable and not too heavy so you can move.

For reformer classes, you will need a pair of socks (preferably grip socks).

For all mat classes, please bring a yoga mat or a full length towel. 

What do I need to do on my first visit?
Firstly, make sure you have booked your visit or your class. Tap your Pinnacle FOB at reception and let the team know which class you are doing if you are booked in. If you have joined online and haven’t received your access tag yet, let the team know and they can give this to you on your first visit.
Is there any extra support available to help me get started?
Yes definitely! All new members receive a complimentary 28 day program that is personalised to you and your goals. This included a time with a coach to show you how to use the equipment and to set up your program for you. If you need any extra support, our team are always available to discuss how we can help. You can request your 28 day program here:
What is the best way to get in touch if I have a question?

The best way to get in touch with the team is via email or phone. See the contact us page for this information.

During lockdowns, the best forms are via email or messenger through our FB page.

Pinnacle Wellness Studio Etiquette

Waiver form to be completed at your first class (please arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time for this)
• Please advise instructor every time you attend a class if you require any modifications.

Socks are required for all reformer Pilates classes and optional for mat classes
• You’ll take your shoes off once you arrive.
• If you forget your socks, grip socks can be purchased before class. Unfortunately no socks, no workout.

Wear Suitable Clothing
• Stretchy fitted clothing allows you movement and assists your instructor to check for correct alignment  (something you may workout or jog in is appropriate).

Phone is Always on SILENT
• All studios are phone free – we disconnect to reconnect. This is your time to switch off.

Fuel your body correctly before class
• Have something light before you attend a class. We recommend a banana or protein bar.
• Drink plenty of water prior to a hot class to avoid dehydration.

NO personal belongings in the studio
• Leave your shoes, clothes, bags and attitude at the door. Lockers are provided.

BE Prepared
• A Water bottle.
• Small hand towel.
• Yoga mat or full length towel for all mat classes

Arrive on Time
• Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class. This is your opportunity to communicate any injuries concerns, niggles aches or pains to your instructor. Your instructor may also wish to go through class set up with you. If you are for any reason more than 5 minutes late you will be unable to attend and refused entry as this is to ensure the safety of both yourself and the other class participants.

Keep it Clean
• Please wipe down all equipment after use with the cleaning products that we provide. All props used should be returned to the storage area as recommended by your instructor.

Pinnacle Wellness Bookings Cancellation / Waitlist Policy

Bookings Cancellation / Waitlist Policy
In our Pinnacle Studios, some of our classes are extremely popular and can fill quickly. Please understand and follow our cancellation policy to allow all clients the best possible experience and to avoid disappointment in missing out:
• Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance.
• If a class is fully booked and you would like to attend, we encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist.
• If you need to cancel a class, please do so within at least 1 hour of this class running. If you fail to do so, then you will forfeit your class pass for that class or run the risk of an imposed penalty fee (memberships only).
• If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified by sms or email if a cancellation occurs and you now have an available spot. Please note, you must have sms and/or email notifications turned on for you to receive this.
• We also encourage you to check the app for live updates on your bookings if you are waitlisted.
studio safety guidelines,

Pinnnacle Wellness Studio Safety Guidelines

Studio Safety Guidelines

• Our programs are devised for you based upon sound teaching practice and information you have provided about yourself to the instructor.
• All reasonable care is taken to ensure your safety, however you will take full responsibility for your actions in the studio and recognise that participation in this activity could lead to physical injury.
• If you experience any pain or dizziness during any class it is your responsibility to inform the instructor as soon as possible.
• For safety reasons, you will not be accepted into a class if you are more than 5 minutes late
• In the event of an emergency, you give permission for the studio to seek medical attention on your behalf.