what is reformer pilates?


Have you heard of reformer Pilates but you are actually not sure what it is and why everyone is talking about it?

Even though reformer Pilates has been around for decades, it is a relatively recent addition to a lot of peoples’ health and fitness routines.

Hear from Emma, Pinnacle Wellness founder as she take you through the different elements of a reformer Pilates class and explains how the different elements work together to create the ultimate full body workout.

“Sometimes the reformer can look like a pretty scary contraption, trust me you are not the first person to not know what bit does what!:

So what is the reformer and how does this add to your workout?

Adjust Your Resistance

Reformers have different levels of resistance springs, allowing you to adjust your workout to your fitness level or even to how you are feeling on the day! Remember, more resistance doesn’t necessarily mean a harder workout, you can improve your practice with less resistance but more control.

Extra Support

Technique is so important in Pilates to avoid injury and maximise every exercise. The reformer acts as your support with the ability to utilise the front platform and bar to regain your balance if needed.

Adding a Little Extra with Straps

Just like the springs, the straps are there to add that little extra and can be used in lots of different ways improve your workout from adding more resistance to exercises focussed on balance and breathing.

Add a little more with TRX & Barre

Adding a bit more to your class away from the reformer helps to keep things fun and add that next challenge to your workout. The latest trend on reformer Pilates utilising apparatus like the barre and TRX improves balance and target smaller muscle groups to feel that burn!

“ Our wonderful instructors are on hand to show you step by step and encourage you to start slowing until you start to feel more confident and stronger. You will be a reformer Pilates expert in no time.”


Emma Stallworthy xx

Pinnacle Wellness Founder

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