Joining Pinnacle Health Club one year ago – just before her 40th birthday (no, we can’t believe she’s over 30 either!) – Oakleigh member Nicole has gone from strength to strength. In Feb this year, she signed up for her first 12 Week Challenge in the gruelling Performance Category and lost 6.5% body fat, revealing those rippling abs! She also learnt a lot from her coach and discovered she could achieve much more than she originally gave herself credit for. Here’s a little part of Nicole’s 12WKC journey… 

WHY did you join this 12 Week Challenge? I entered the challenge to motivate me and to increase my fitness/strength.

WHO helped you get to the end of the Challenge?  My preference is to train early so training for me is usually alone. I aim to be at the gym by 5am most mornings which is too early for most people I know but thankfully there were always lots of friendly faces in my gym and this helped. Also, I couldn’t have achieved what I did without my fabulous Coach Heather – she helped me get through each of the weekly Performance challenges and was great at explaining how to do exercises correctly – there were quite a few that I had never heard of!

WHAT else helped you get to the end of the Challenge? During the challenge my competitive side came out. I wanted to see what I could achieve and I wanted to be placed on the weekly leader board – this was a surprising motivator. I also set goals at the beginning of the challenge and focused on achieving them.

HOW do you make you feel now compared to when you started the Challenge? I definitely feel fitter, stronger and leaner!

WHAT have you learnt about yourself during the challenge? That I really don’t like rowing! (ha!) But seriously, I learnt that I am stronger than I thought and I can push myself harder physically.

WHAT was the BEST part of the Challenge? The challenge was great at making me focus on my overall health, I ate really clean and didn’t have any alcohol plus I trained 7 times a week which resulted in a 6.5% decrease in body fat.

WHAT was the TOUGHEST part of the Challenge? For me the toughest part was actually completing the weekly challenges, some of them were very, very tough! But I felt so good when they were done.

What would you say to someone who is afraid of joining the next Challenge? Go for it, it’s such a positive thing to do; entering the challenge helped me commit to achieving my goals. It’s great to have something to hold you accountable and you can achieve pretty amazing results in 12 weeks.

Keen to be a part of the 12 Week Challenge Performance Category or prefer a more team based training? The next 12 Week Challenge is scheduled to start 21st August 2017 and will include both Team and Performance Categories. Register your interest here