Meet Mary and David Haines, one of our fave 12WKC Couples!

Seven months ago, David, 41 decided it was time to get serious about improving his health and wellbeing. He “gave up the dreaded ciggies” and joined Pinnacle Scoresby on the advice of a colleague who suggested joining a gym to give him something else to focus on. Today, hitting the gym is still as much about relieving stress and boosting his overall mood, as it is for improving his body. However, when the 12 Week Challenge (12WKC) was announced, he was ready for a new challenge!

Joining the Performance Category, Dave’s current goals are to improve endurance, continue to feel healthier overall and – in his words – not come last! Wherever he is placed, he’ll be supported from the sidelines by his two beautiful daughters and will have wife, Mary by his side in the gym…

Mary, 39 is a “Soulpreneur” and business owner of Mez’s Mantra. She’s a Reiki Practitioner, runs an essential oils business and facilitates women’s empowering workshops and meditation. She’s also a proud mum and passionate animal advocate who is regularly organising fundraisers for local animal shelters. It was Dave who motivated Mez to join Pinnacle and we’re so glad he did because she brings great energy to every session.

Now, two weeks down in their 12 Week Challenge journey, we caught up with the fun-loving couple to get some insight into what makes them tick and find out how they were travelling…

What was your motivation for choosing Pinnacle’s 12WKC?

D: To keep pushing and challenging myself and remain focused on my goals – it’s incredibly motivating seeing what others have achieved and if I can inspire someone else to make positive changes, well that’s just a bonus!

M: Dave motivated me to join with him and I’m so glad he did. My work revolves around motivating and helping others so I need to walk the walk. I’m at a stage in my life that I feel really ready and empowered to look and feel good. Plus, being the healthiest I can be will only help make me a better practitioner.

If you could sum up your journey so far, what would you say?

D: “Ouch…that really hurt” sums up this week!
The funniest moment was receiving the first COW (challenge of the week) and me laughing thinking “yeah right, this isn’t going to happen!”
The scariest was when Dave told me I was in the ‘All Star’ level not ‘Rookie – I did plead for him to reconsider. Lucky he didn’t cave because my best moment so far was surprising myself and getting through with enough time to crack the 700 meters on the treadmill!

M: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! I am planning my week by making a weekly vision board, meal prepping and repeating my mantra – “I am going to do my best”.

Biggest lessons from the first 2 weeks?

D: Pace yourself and don’t go too hard. Make sure you eat well and prepare for each session, day and week.

M: Focus on being ‘mindful’ and take one day at a time.

Keep up the awesome work Team Haines! We can’t wait to check-in and see how you are going over the next couple of weeks!

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.