Pinnacle’s November Ambassador, George (29) has been a much-loved member of Pinnacle Oakleigh for 2 years – almost to the day! When we last wrote about his journey (see previous blog here) he had lost 20kilos, was squatting 75kgs and was constantly challenging himself in and out of the gym. Along the way, George experienced an incredible mindset change which has never wavered and today, he is one of the most positive people we know. Below he shares what’s been happening over the last 12 months and proves why he’s a much-deserved Ambassador for Pinnacle Health Clubs… 

Last time we checked in, you had lost 20.5kg and 13.9% body fat. Tell us what’s been happening?
This year has been pretty hectic with plenty of social events – weddings, engagements, etc so the diet hasn’t been perfect but by keeping up with my training I have maintained my weight loss.

What are the 3 main changes you made to achieve your incredible results?
— Sticking to a regular exercising routine
— Diet changes: slowly cutting out all sugars from my food and soft drink. From there, making sure I eat three filling meals a day – without over eating! – and keeping up my water intake
— Maintaining a positive mindset.

What was your turning point?
When I first dropped below 100kg it gave me hope that I could make true lasting change. For my entire adolescence, and into adult life, I’ve been in the triple digits so to finally hit 99kg, it felt like there was an end goal. Little did I know that this would just open the floodgates for new challenged and ambitions.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Finally being able to drop to a lower clothing size and walk around pain free – you can’t put a price on that kind of thing.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
When I first started, I had a terrible back and ankles, and couldn’t walk long distances. By sticking to an exercise routine, I slowly strengthened both my back and ankles and became more mobile.

What has been your motivation?
My family and friends are a constant source of motivation, as well as the staff at Pinnacle Oakleigh.

What have you learnt about yourself?
That I can overcome any obstacle if I put my mind to it.

How has Pinnacle Health Club helped in your journey?
They’ve not only helped me reclaim my health, but allowed my self-esteem to build up before I had put on the weight. The Pinnacle team helped me realise it was important to be proud of my achievements and now I walk with my head high with how good I feel.

If you had advice for someone in your old shoes, what would it be?
Take it one day at a time, and don’t worry about the person next to you; focus on yourself.

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