During our last 12 Week Challenge, Daniel Watts, 30, reduced his body fat by a whopping 10% and was the overall body transformation winner! An absolute crowd fave, Dan also took home the People’s Choice Award. We’re thrilled to announce him as our May Ambassador and love the energy he brings to every gym session. 

Here’s some insight into how he has achieved such greatness and his advice for anyone seeking similar results…

How long have you been a member of Pinnacle Health Club?
14 months.

What was the starting point for you?
Joining the Pinnacle 12 Week Challenge gave me something to focus on and a goal to work towards.

What results have you achieved since becoming a Pinnacle member? 
I’ve lost 10kg, reduced body fat by 10%, increased muscle mass, participated in the 12 week challenge, drastically improved my fitness, increased energy levels, improved self esteem and made some awesome friends!

What are the 3 main changes you made to achieve these results?
I have exercised more, drastically changed my diet and changed my overall attitude towards my health – I’ve made it a priority!

What challenges have you faced along the way and how have you overcome these?
I was feeling lethargic, out of shape and lacking the confidence to get to the gym, but then I discovered Results Training at Pinnacle! The team training sessions are great because of all the other people in the group motivating and supporting one another. As I started feeling good over time – due to regular exercise and the awesome atmosphere in the gym – the things that were holding me back became a distant memory.

What have you learnt along the way?
That it’s actually not hard to lead a healthy active lifestyle. You might have to push yourself to make a change in the beginning but one you find what you love, it’s easy to stick to a regular regime. For me, MMA sessions are as fun as they are high intensity so I enjoy coming to the gym for them. Plus the Coach’s encouragement helps you to both reach new heights as well as stay motivated if you’re having an ‘off’ day.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
My change in body fat and positive attitude to training. I actually look forward to going to the gym again and that’s changed my life dramatically.

Looking back over the last 11 months, what have been your favourite moments in the gym?
Definitely the friends I have made along the way – they help keep me focused and determined but also make every workout fun. The changes in my body composition feel pretty damn good too!

What’s your advice for someone in your old shoes?
Get to the gym! The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. Of course it takes time but if you are committed you will get the results you want and hey, you might even surprise yourself by winning a challenge or something along the way! With a good gym and good people around you, it’s easy to achieve your goals. You just have to be willing to knuckle down and do the work.

After achieving so much in such a small time, do you have any new goals on the horizon? 
I’m working towards completing a triathlon in January and running a half marathon later this year.

… we have no doubt you’ll achieve all of this and more Dan and are so glad you chose Pinnacle as your health and fitness partner!

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.

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