Pinnacle Scoresby and Upwey members will know Lana as the gorgeous, bubbly receptionist welcoming you from the front desk. But, like most of us, Lana’s had her struggles including developing an unhealthy training obsession several years ago and battling eating disorders in her earlier years. Thankfully that’s all behind her now but since then she’s struggled to find the right balance. This Feb, Lana enlisted the help of our fitness expects and joined Pinnacle’s 12 Week Challenge (12WKC) to get back on track and re-discover her love for exercise. Here’s her journey so far…


I’m a bit of a glutton when it comes to eating!
Even though I haven’t been training, I still have a some-what active lifestyle so I’m only slightly nervous about the exercise component of the challenge. Working at Pinnacle, you’re never standing still for too long, I make sure I get my 8hrs sleep a night and I take my beloved Labrador, Sargent for a walk every morning. However, it goes downhill from here as I indulge with pizza and burgers weekly and am a bit of a glutton when it comes to eating. I want to learn how to fuel my body correctly but am worried I will struggle with the nutrition aspect of the 12WKC.

Rediscovering my love for training, finding balance and increasing strength are my main goals
I’ve always been obsessed with sport and fitness until my obsession became an addiction. I was over training and burnt out, exercise became more of a chore and I felt a slave to it. I’ve always been an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of person and, for the last 3 years, it’s been nothing. I haven’t trained at all. By partaking in this rounds 12WKC, I hope to find a happy medium with my training approach and develop a healthy love for this lifestyle again.

I’m inspired by my colleagues and Pinnacle members
My biggest inspiration comes from the people around me. All Pinnacle staff and members have their different health and fitness quirks but they incorporate “health” into all aspects of their life which makes it more manageable and leads to incredible results.


Exercise: One week in and I’ve continued walking Sargent daily but added a weekly Personal Coaching session and commenced Pinnacle’s Results Training program. I was really nervous going into my Coaching session and participating in small group training. I felt embarrassed for people to see how weak and unfit I was, but I shouldn’t have been! The support shown by the coaches and members was nothing short of amazing. It was such a warm environment and I couldn’t have walked away with a bigger smile after each session.

Nutrition: Knowing I would need to make serious changes to my food intake, I did a 6 week lead up to the Challenge. I changed my diet slowly by adding whole foods and limiting myself to two cheat meals a week – which was a massive change! I’ve started eating a paleo-inspired diet whilst still enjoying oats and am now down to one non-paleo cheat meal a week. Sweet cravings are kicked to the curb with Horribly Healthy protein balls which I eat daily. I also love gourmet fruit and nut mix with cacao nibs but have to be very conscious of serving sizes as it’s easy to get carried away and eat half a kilo! All in all, my eating is improving and I definitely feel better for it.

Don’t let fear hold you back.
My biggest takeout after Week 1: I wish I didn’t let fear hold me back from trying Results Training and Personal Coaching. I wish I had started  sooner but am very excited to get stuck in over the remaining 11 weeks!


Exercise & Nutrition: I seriously can’t believe how great I feel at the start of week 3! Training regularly and eating whole foods has definitely lifted a fog from my mind. This month I celebrated 2 years of not skipping one single meal which – for anyone who’s struggled with an eating disorder will contest – is a big achievement and one that I’m proud of. Spending over half my life under eating, I lost the signals of hunger and feeling full but as I started to eat properly again those signals came back stronger than ever. Now, I can’t skip meals and have to eat every 2-3 hours or I feel sick. I’ve started adding flaxseed oil and chia seeds to smoothies, salads and my morning oats which keeps me feeling fuller for longer. I’m also using the Pinnacle Nutrition App to monitor my macros, with an emphasis on increasing protein as I want to grow my muscles.

Challenges so far: Muscle soreness! I made the mistake of not stretching after my first session and I could barely walk for 4 days – lesson learnt! Last week I had a slip up with food, and whilst I don’t believe you should deprive yourself of anything, I know I have an issues with portion control and this is where I slipped up. Whilst I was disappointment, I made the decision to just move on and try to be better next time instead of beating myself up about it – which I would have done in the past.

Results so far: I’m shocked with how quickly my muscles are growing and my strength increasing. There is no way I would have ever lifted weights this heavy if it wasn’t for the encouragement of Pinnacle Coaches – it’s a very empowering feeling and I’m loving it. Coach, Steve (Moore) had me doing a 500m row at the end of a recent session and I got half way through and thought I had to stop. His encouragement pushed me through and I got it done – just! I love that I now have a benchmark for my cardio and can’t wait to smash it next time!

Next time you see Lana in our clubs, feel free to have a chat about her fitness, food struggles, the 12 Week Challenge or anything you’d like her perspective on. She’s always happy and willing to share her story to help inspire and support others.

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