Massive kudos to all the incredible Pinnacle members who have been smashing out impressive sessions in the gym since returning from the festive break. A big warm welcome to all our new members who have made solid commitments to their health and fitness this year and to all the mums, dads and carers who survived school holidays and made it through January – well done!

We’re so, so proud of all of you (even if you’ve had a few slips ups – who doesn’t? We’re all human right?)

So, what’s next? It’s now about making the most of your Pinnacle membership.

Discover all that your club has to offer. Every program, class and special event has been designed to keep you motivated so you not only reach those current goals but can set (and reset) new ones! From the high-energy team training sessions in The Locker Room, ladies-only strength sessions, 40+ weekly group fitness classes on each club’s timetable and Wellness studios at Upwey & Caribbean Business Park in Scoresby, there’s something for every person, ambition and mood.

Meet your coaches. These Pinnacle powerhouses are experts in helping you keep your eyes on the prize – especially when you feel like giving up. Whether your goal is weight, fitness or habit related, they’ll be by your side through the highs and lows, offering guidance and imparting the fundamentals of fitness & nutrition to help you thrive with a clean, active lifestyle. Look out for free Head Coach Clinics, book a Coach Catch Up or add a Private Coaching session to your weekly schedule for an added boost!

Find your tribe! Train with a team in the bright, welcoming Locker Room, make lifelong friends in a Pinnacle Challenge or find your squad in a Wellness studio. Whatever path you choose at Pinnacle, there’s a team of likeminded people eagerly awaiting your arrival. Or if you just want to go it alone, know that everyone at Pinnacle is on your side. It’s our goal to ensure your journey at Pinnacle is nothing short of spectacular.

In 2018 we promise to be your coach, your team and your biggest fan club. Connect with us in club, online or out in the community at one of our external events. And be sure to share your proud pinnacle moments on our social pages using the hashtag #Pinnacleproud