In the past few weeks, the reality for many has changed drastically. Forced to adapt to a new normal, people across Australia are finding themselves struggling to wrap their heads around the current pandemic we are all facing today. As new laws and regulations continue to prohibit gatherings of people, getting together with friends and family has become increasingly more challenging.

Studies conducted by the Department of Health show that healthy relationships with friends, family or even a pet can help reduce anxiety levels and depression while at the same time raising one’s self-esteem. With so much negativity surrounding day-to-day activities and the media today, doing everything we possibly can to feel connected to the ones we love is more important now than ever.

Pick up the phone

Technology has changed the way we interact with each other. In the early 2000s, social media was infantile with very few users indulging worldwide. Fast-forward twenty years, this has become one of the main forms of communication, especially for millenials. During these uncertain times, texting just isn’t enough to settle the mind. 

As the feelings of isolation and loneliness continue to settle in, be proactive in your approach to combat these troublesome ideas. Pick up the phone and talk to someone. Instead of spending your days scrolling through your Instagram feed, Facetime your mum or call your grandma. The easiest way to feel connected to those you love is reaching out and making an effort.

Ask if they’re okay

You may be surprised that when reaching out, you begin to realise other people are feeling the same way you do. As the situation continues to evolve, people across the world are struggling with the idea that there is no end in sight. Being trapped at home only amplifies these concerns and it can be hard to fathom on your own.

Ask the ones you love if they’re okay, and understand that while you may be having a hard time coping, they most likely are too. In these uncertain times, encouragement is monumental. Do everything you possibly can to ensure your friends and family understand that you are there to support them too.  

Plan virtual activities

While open and honest conversations are important to have, you can take your Facetime one step further by getting active online. Plan fun activities with your family and friends, whether it’s a virtual workout or a game of chess, exercising physically and mentally is one of the easiest ways to adapt to this new and unusual situation.

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