It’s been 3 months since our doors closed and it’s been a tough and sudden shift of routine for many of us. The combination of being at home more, gym closures plus the onset of winter, it’s not a surprise that 44% of people say they are less active that they were before COVID-19.

So you are not alone! We are all feeling the struggles of getting back into a new routine and re-thinking what that even looks like now vs before. Here are our top tips when it comes to easing back into a fitness routine to help keep your motivation high, develop habits to train consistently and most of all, enjoy exercise and the feeling of getting fitter and stronger.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Sometimes we can be really tough on ourselves if we gain extra weight, lose motivation or fitness. Setting high expectations on ourselves can add a lot of unnecessary pressure.

Allow yourself to accept your current situation and use this to help set long term sustainable goals. Remember that we all struggle at times and it’s okay to lose motivation and energy at times. The most important thing is picking yourself back up again and keep going.

Don’t go too fast too soon

When that motivation comes, it can come hard and fast! The importance of going from a low amount of exercise back into training is not to overdo it at the beginning. Pace yourself, improve a little more each week so that you have the energy and the recovery time to keep training consistently rather than hard every day.

Find the balance of training styles

The beauty of starting a new routine is that you can maybe try something you haven’t done before. Why not? It’s time to start something new! Look at finding the right balance of training to suit your goals physically but also mentally. Having a mixture of higher intensity classes like HIIT training and lower impact such as Pilates or Yoga will mean you will stay engaged in the variety and your body and mind will benefit too.

Ask for help if you need it

You don’t have to start a new routine on your own. Whether you choose to start something new with a friend or a family member to keep each other accountable or you are looking for more experienced support in a coach. Find the support that you need to find what you love and most important enjoy exercising.

If you are looking to try a new style of training or needing a little extra motivation as you get back into your routine, chat to our team about your goals and we can help find the right program for you.