Since we shared our coaching teams Top 5 winter workout motivators a couple of weeks back, we’ve been impressed and inspired by our members who constantly give 110% despite the frosty temperatures. As such we thought we’d turn to them for some advice on how to stay on track despite the Winter weather. This is what they told us…

  • Planning & a strong mindset is the key to staying on track
    • Have gym clothes ready to put on, know what meals you are having each day and have the mindset to say “I am doing this for me and I am improving my health and fitness no matter what the weather is doing!!” Just do it!! – Rowena, Upwey Member & 12WKC Tribe Member
  • Focus on the big picture
    • I just focus on the end goal and try not to think about the cold so much. – Donna, Upwey Member & 12WKC Tribe Member
  • Make yourself accountable
    • I book myself into classes so I have a time I have to be there by – Jasmin, Upwey Member & 12WKC Tribe Member
  • Get in the mindset the night before
    • I try and have my gym gear ready the night before! That way I can grab it and go in the morning and be ready for either a morning or evening sessions! – Rhys, Oakleigh Member & 12 Week Challenge Tribe Member
  • Other members (and now friends!) help keep me on track
    • Meeting others is the only thing that has kept me going.  If I wasn’t doing the 12 week challenge I would be sleeping in a lot more!  – Tess, Scoresby Member & 12 Week Challenge Tribe Member
  • Sarah B, Oakleigh Member & 12 Week Challenge Tribe Member’s Top 3 Tips: 
    1. Set your gym clothes right next to the bed so you can literally roll out of bed into them without getting too cold
    2. Think about how warm the shower will be after your gym session
    3. Remind yourself that working out makes you warm

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.