If you’ve been to the supermarket post-December 26th, you’ve probably realised Easter is almost upon us which, to many Australians means just one thing, CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD. A recent report from the eggs-perts at IBIS World predicted Australians will spend $191 million at Easter on chocolate alone, that’s the equivalent of 42 million standard bags of Cadbury Creme Egg Minis or 19 million Lindt Gold Bunnies. Our stomachs hurt just thinking about it!

So, with all this shiny temptation in front of us, how can we avoid overdoing it this year? The Pinnacle Team is here to help with three tried and tested tips to help you stay on track this Easter, whilst not denying yourself of a well deserved treat.

1. Be accountable

If it’s your turn to play host(ess) with the most(ess) this Easter weekend, you’re not only accountable for your own nutritional choices but also for your guests. Make sure you offer lots of fresh produce and variety for entrees and/or mains, so that these meals are the heroes of the day. For dessert, use chocolate as a compliment to the dish and not the main ingredient. For example, dip the ends of strawberries in melted chocolate (the darker the better) and set in the fridge, or drizzle chocolate sauce over a fresh fruit salad (notice the emphasis on ‘drizzle!!’).

Just as importantly, when you go to the supermarket WRITE A LIST and avoid the Easter promotions aisle. To quote the old military adage of the 7 P’s – “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.

2. Don’t store chocolate presents in the house

If you’ve already succeeded in avoiding a splurge on easter eggs over the last few months, since they arrived in our supermarkets, it’s important to not undo that awesome work in the last weeks (or days) before Easter. If you’re buying chocolate eggs for nieces, nephews, friends, etc. consider buying them the day before you meet up or, alternatively, buy them on the way. You can often purchase easter eggs for more half price on Easter Sunday, and the few days following, so it’s win-win.

3. Verbalise your goals to family and friends

Without actually saying the words, how will anyone know what health and fitness goals your working towards? If family or friends are notorious for spoiling you with lots of chocolate at Easter, politely let them know that this year you’d prefer to spend time together – temptation-free; or choose one favourite treat and ask that they honour your wish to receive just one egg this year.

Enjoying the occasional treat is an essential part of a well balanced lifestyle and completely denying yourself of this often sets you up for failure. With this in mind, make the most of your Easter break by using the time to recharge with loved ones and appreciate the joy of one delicious Lindt bunny, not 19 million!

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.

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