Stillness is not something that is often celebrated in our fast-paced modern lives, however when we start to look at the research on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, as well as restorative and Yin yoga, it is clear that stillness can be an answer to many of today’s health issues such as anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, digestive issues and skin disorders, and many more. 

When we talk about stillness in yoga, we are not just talking about being still in your body, but also creating a sense of stillness in the mind. Allowing the noise to die down, the thoughts to stop racing, and the attention to be focused on the present moment. This is what we aim for in our meditation (which can be challenging to say the least) and what could bring about a sense of ease, relief from anxiety, and a more positive outlook when practiced regularly. 

Stillness is incorporated into all types and styles of yoga and is typically brought into the end of the practice when you find yourself in Savasana (or “corpse pose”). There are also types of yoga that encourage this meditative state throughout the practice including Yin, a gentle form of yoga in which each posture is held for anywhere between less than a minute and 5 minutes.  In this more passive approach, the practitioner can gently increase flexibility and improve circulation in the joints, while focusing on inner silence and connection. 

Yin yoga is an incredible way to cultivate self-awareness and inner peace, while also having numerous positive effects on our physical health.  

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