For Scoresby Superstar Shonira, you could say her latest 12 Week Challenge journey was “third time lucky”, but luck had nothing to do with it! A Pinnacle member since 2013, Shonira has brought her gorgeous energy to 12 Week Challenges in the past and achieved really good results. However, this round, she was more determined and committed than ever, and with the support of her Coach and a great team, she achieved some mind-blowing results. Read on to hear all about it… 


WHY did you join this 12 Week Challenge? I was extremely unhappy with my body and desperately wanted to lose weight because I didn’t like looking in the mirror or having photos taken of me.

DID you achieve what you set out to? Yes, and then some! I came 1st Place in the female transformation category, winning an overnight stay at St Jermome’s Hotel in a Luxe Plus Glamping Tent! I lost 13.7kgs in total which was 11.5kg of fat and a 17.13% body weight loss. I also made some amazing new friendships which was paramount to my success.

WHO was your Coach and how did they support you during the challenge? I trained with Tim during the PM sessions. He was so amazing, always touching base with me and making sure I was on the right track. He knew about my pre-existing injuries and made sure I was working out within my capabilities. Tim made team training sessions enjoyable and always had a smile on his face – no matter what. He definitely motivated me to keep my diet and exercise on track.

WHO was your Team and what support did they provide? I met the most amazing group of people during team training and we definitely all supported each other. This motivated me to turn up to every session and work as hard as the next person. I don’t think I would have achieved the same results if I was working out alone because the best part of the 12WKC was definitely the new friends that I made.

WHAT else helped you get to the end of the Challenge? I had incredible support from my family, friends and my partner. Everyone around me knew my goals and how dedicated I was to them so every time I tried to slip off my diet, there was someone to push the candy bar out of my hands. From the very start of the challenge, I set goals and made myself a meal plan. Having everything set out means that I was more likely to stick to it and be accountable.

HOW do you feel? I feel absolutely amazing. No words can describe the difference that I see in my life after this 12WKC. I am so much happier and coming to gym is more a part of my daily routine than a chore. I look in the mirror now and I am delighted with the way I look and the way I feel. It’s given me a more positive body image and a better outlook on life. By comparing where I was fitness-wise at Week 1 to where I am now, the difference is extraordinary. I now know it’s not actually that hard to stay fit and healthy – and it can be really fun!

WHAT have you learnt about yourself during the challenge? Even though I absolutely love everything sugary and sweet in life, there is definitely such a thing as ‘too much sugar’. I have a better understanding of my limits when it comes to food and exercise and the cliché is true: Everything in moderation.

WHAT was the BEST part of the Challenge? Making some amazing friends that made training much more enjoyable. I probably wouldn’t have attended as many sessions had I not met Holly, Amanda and Elly. This amazing support network is key in achieving your goals. Also the Saturday session at Rush HQ was so much fun!!!

WHAT was the TOUGHEST part of the Challenge? Definitely the Decathlon in the Pinnacle Olympics. It was very challenging and I’m still surprised that I passed the finish line.

What would you say to someone who is afraid of joining the next Challenge? Don’t be afraid at all. It was so much fun and your team and training partners motivate you to push further. Everyone is working towards the same goals of increasing their fitness and living a healthier lifestyle. I can’t wait till the next challenge starts.

We can’t wait either Shonira! The next 12 Week Challenge is scheduled to start 21st August 2017. You can register your interest here

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