Brian Blight, 52 believes his journey is not as significant as what others in the gym have achieved but we couldn’t disagree more! Almost 18 months ago, he weighed 130kgs and whilst he lost over 30kgs to stall his type 2 diabetes with gastric bypass surgery, he also lost muscle mass and a lot of strength. Joining Pinnacle 18 months ago helped Brian lose more of his unwanted weight while at the same time get stronger and fitter. In his words “I can feel hard muscles on my body where jelly once ruled”. Like all our inspiring Ambassadors, Brian believes it’s a combination of factors that have been key to his success. Read on to find out what these are…

Three changes you made to achieve results?

1) Regular and consistent exercise;

2) Seeking expert exercise technique advice to get the best results for the least work &

3) Understanding that diet is such an important part of the journey – what you put in your mouth can have a massive negative effect on all your efforts.

Challenges along the way and how you’ve overcome them? When I started exercising, I was hopeless! I had no balance, no flexibility and felt like giving up on several occasions. Without the Pinnacle Coaches advising me how to improve, and many long term Pinnacle members welcoming and encouraging me, mine might have been a different story. Persistence started to pay off and slowly I got fitter, dropped the extra kilos and people started telling me how good I was looking.

Along the way, I fatigued and my results even went backwards for a period. On advice from Coaches, I saw Pinnacle’s affiliated Nutritionist. Turned out I was eating half of what I needed to fuel my body for exercise. On advice from the Nutritionist, I started gaining muscle mass instead of losing it and I still lost weight. This all makes sense now, but is not intuitively logical.

What motivate you? Friendly interaction between the Pinnacle team and fellow members. I came from a gym that left me to my own devices and consequently, I started finding excuses not to go. Within days of being a Pinnacle member all Coaches and staff knew my name – this was long before I knew theirs! The Locker Room is so good – I am now a gym junkie, attending at least 5 days a week and often twice in the one day!

Your biggest learnings? Previous to the last two years, I had not been to a gym since I was 17 – now I feel like I have cheated on my partner (Pinnacle) if I miss a session. I realize how addictive fitness can be and how much better I feel. I’m getting to the stage that I catch myself strutting around like a rooster. I’m proud of the improvements I’ve made and love that many old friend don’t recognize me when they see me.

Proudest moment to date? Recently I went snowboarding for 12 days in NZ with my 19, 17 and 15 year old sons. Normally they would run rings around me and I would be tired, sore and out of breath. This time I skied nonstop and as hard as I ever have and was not sweaty, tired or sore – unlike my sons who were sore all over. This holiday was momentous for me as it revealed just how much I have achieved and yet I know there is still more improvement to come.

Favourite moments in the gym? I have made many new friends at the gym which is important to me as I have not come with any of my friends. It is good to be able to chat to someone as the classes are about to start, see how they are going and what they have achieved. I use a Myzone belt (which I won in a Pinnacle challenge) and the other members and I watch and compare how we are going through Locker Room sessions. As a result, I try harder to stay in front of them or catch them and that ultimately benefits me and my training.

New Goals? As I get fitter and stronger, I’m considering doing things outside the gym that I would never have considered before. Maybe a triathlon, maybe Tough Mudder. Definitely more long distance bike riding and getting a new road bike. The potential to do things that I was not physically up to before has given me a new lease of life!

Advice for someone in your old shoes? Come to Pinnacle and join in. You might feel slightly out of place fitness or coordination-wise to begin with, but persist for 3-4 weeks and you will be amazed at the change. The more you work, the better you feel and the better you feel, the more you work. If you have any issues, speak to the Coaches or fellow members because they will all help you to succeed.

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