HIIT Training Melbourne

Why work your butt off for hours on the treadmill when you can achieve better results with a simple change of pace and in a quarter of the time? That’s right – HIIT team training is an effective and intense 45 minute cardio workout that leaves you feeling the burn… but in a good way.

If you’re short on time due to a busy lifestyle, stop the excuses and start small group training at Pinnacle Health Club. Designed for beginners and intermediate to advanced fitness levels, you’ll work with every muscle group for a full-body cardiovascular workout. Easy to follow but demanding to complete, your stamina, strength and resilience will certainly be tested. Are you up for the challenge?

What is HIIT Training?

High-Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a broad term to describe any workout that alternates bursts of intense activity with complete recovery periods. By elevating and relaxing your heart rate over a short and quick succession, your metabolism will spike and continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout.

While your exercise time may be shorter than an hour-long Reformer Pilates class, the intensity that you’re working at in your HIIT session ensures your body will be burning calories even when you’ve rested in front of the couch and binging your favourite Netflix shows.

Need more convincing? There are many other benefits to HIIT training, which include:

  • Increased fitness and muscle tone
  • Muscle gain and conditioning
  • Overall positive sense of wellbeing
  • Fat burning – even after the workout is over

Maximum Benefits in Minimal Time

At Pinnacle, we have over 10 different class styles so you never do the same workout twice in one week. In a single session, expect a combination of cardio bursts with sprinting, burpees or mountain climbers and a focus on strength using body weight, kettlebells and more.

If running for an hour sounds like a massive snooze fest, then HIIT is a fitness game-changer. You’ll never be bored as you are pushed to your limits while you complete a quick succession of different activities. Efficient, effective and fun – exactly how a workout should be.

Small Group Team Training for Best Results

Being committed and motivated to get and stay healthy has never been easier. Our close-knit and inclusive community of like-minded members from our clubs across Melbourne are ready to support you mentally, physically and emotionally on your fitness journey. We keep our team training small so you get a personalised approach to your sessions.

With over 30 classes to choose from in our private studio spaces, you’ll never be bored with a workout again. If HIIT isn’t your thing just yet, give our other classes a try. From popular Les Mills workouts that include BODYPUMP and BODYSTEP to Boxing Circuits and Zumba, getting fitter and healthier has never been more fun.

With over 6 locations across Melbourne, find your community at Pinnacle. Activate your free studio club pass today and join our small group training sessions.

No commitments, just a free session to try it for yourself.

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