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  • NEW Weekly Rate - $19/week NEW Minimum Term commitment to this Option - 6 Months NEW Contract Value - $754 Cancellation Attracts - $150 Cancellation Fee + 30 days notice within minimum term or 30 days notice post minimum term, membership agreement does not automatically cease at the end of this minimum term. Suspension Attracts - 8 weeks suspension available per year, at $2.50/week suspension fee Payments - Will continued to be debited in line with your existing payment frequency with Debit Success at either $29/week, $58/fortnight or $125.66/month. My GymKeeper bonus of 50% off will also be applied by Debit Success to the first 6 weeks of my payments only at either $14.50/week, $29/fortnight or $62.83/month (pro-rated), then resume at ongoing rate as stated. All terms and conditions as stated in your original contract on behalf of Debit Success, are still applicable ongoing. By entering your personal details and checking this box, you are agreeing to this variation in membership rate and minimum term to your agreement to reflect this option.
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