The foods we eat can impact the way we feel. You may have noticed that you feel better when you’re eating a diverse range of different foods – but have you ever tried to incorporate different colours on your plate?

The bright and beautiful colours of fruit and vegetables are caused by an array of micronutrients and these are responsible for many processes that take place in our body all day long. When we are stressed, working hard in the gym or in need of some extra self-care, adding more nourishing and colourful foods can be a great place to start.

Hide the Greens Smoothie

When you want to sneak some extra colour into your morning (or your kids’ bellies!) this smoothie is the answer. It packs a nutritional punch with raw beetroot, leafy greens and healthy fats.

Ingredients (serves 2):

 1 cup frozen raspberries

 1 large frozen banana

 5-6 large leaves of leafy greens (kale, silver beet or spinach)

 1/2 small raw beetroot, peeled

1/2 fresh lime

 1/2 cup macadamia nuts, raw

2 1/2 cups filtered water

  1. First, place the macadamia nuts in the bottom of your blender with the filtered water. Let soak for 15 – 30 minutes for the nuts to soften.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and pulse on high for 60-90 seconds or until smooth. Add extra water to thin the smoothie if it’s too thick.

*If you’re after a nut free smoothie, you can omit the macadamia nuts or swap these for a tablespoon of tahini, coconut oil or avocado.

Coach Lizzy x