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Client Represents:

There is Good Access, No Stairs, the client will be responsible for any Theft or Damage done to Pinnacle Health Club property, by whomever, however, or wherever, caused. Payment for such to be made within seven days of receiving an invoice.  Access to the desired location for the equipment must consist of parking nearby to load and unload.

If this is not the case please notify Pinnacle Health Club if there are any stairs, small doorways, gates or long distances to walk as an increased delivery fee may be charged. Ensure the owner is able to access the site at all times specified and agreed upon by both parties.

Pinnacle Health Club:

Install and remove the reformer pilates bed and propsas specified between the client and the company.

Ensure all of our products are fully serviced before delivery.

Our staff will at all times comply with all OH&S Policies and provide a friendly professional service and product at all times.

COVID-19 Safety Measures: 

Our staff will be well (any unwell staff will not be attending to this job), wear gloves at all times, wipe down equipment upon delivery, keep at least 1.5m social distance at all times, and limit time spent for delivery to minimum as possible.

Delivery Charge:

A $100 delivery charge will be required for all Melbourne metro locations. This covers for delivery and pickup.

Delivery & Pick Up

Whilst all care is taken, Pinnacle Health Club accepts no responsibility for any accidental damage caused during the course of delivery, installation or pickup.


The Hirer shall satisfy himself that the Equipment supplied by Pinnacle Health Club corresponds to the Order and is in working order. Any part of the Equipment found to be faulty, or not found to correspond with the Order, shall be notified to Pinnacle Health Club immediately.

Equipment Hire and Rental Period

The hire term begins once the Hirer has received the equipment. The Contract shall continue until terminated in accordance with these Terms.

The hirer agrees to pay for any loss, theft or damage to the equipment and authorizes Pinnacle Health Club to charge the hirer as such.

Security Bond:

A $250 bond is required to secure the hire of equipment which will be returned within 48 hours after pick up to allow for time to inspect equipment. Any damage requiring repair will be invoiced, the bond will be retained and deducted from this invoice.

All prices include GST unless otherwise specified.


Pinnacle Health Club does not take any responsibility for personal injury, fatigue or property damage sustained by or through use of the equipment.


We understand that sometimes circumstances mean you may have to cancel your hire. This agreement is a minimum 8 week commitment. Following this time, you can cancel with 1 week’s notice, and we will arrange pick up. If pick up is not available due to COVID-19 lock down restrictions, a suspension will be placed on your account, and pick up will be arranged as soon as legally possible. Note, in this circumstance, the bond will not be returned, until equipment can be picked up and checked over.