Since being diagnosed with a thyroid problem 10 years ago which resulted in having her thyroid gland removed, Dishani (44) has struggled to lose the 20kgs that subsequently crept up on her. Today, it’s a different story! When she looks in the mirror, Dishani is proud of the strong determined woman who broke down her fitness barriers, looks fantastic and feels a million dollars. All this, she says, would not have been possible without Pinnacle’s 28 Day Game Changer

What made you choose Pinnacle’s 28 Day Game Changer to help you reach your goals? The 28 Day Game Changer promised to include fun team training workouts with a motivating coach pushing me to my limits – and that’s exactly what I got! It was just the kick-start my body needed.

What were your main goals when you signed up to the 28 Day Game Changer? To lose 5kgs and get into the rhythm of regular gym workouts. I knew I needed to supplement this with a healthy diet but didn’t know where to start so I also wanted nutrition advice to help me reach my desired weight loss goal.

Did you achieve your goals? Not only did I achieve them, I smashed them! I have lost 7kgs so far and feel fantastic inside and out with so much energy. I’ve rid myself of depressive feelings and feel extremely confident and happy.

What did a typical week of health & fitness consist of prior to your 28 Day Game Changer? There were barely any healthy choices and almost no fitness. I was dragged to the gym by my husband and kids and didn’t enjoy working out alone. I used to counting every minute to get out of there. I also comfort ate cakes, sweets and chips. I was feeling so depressed, tired and sluggish.

What does a typical week of health & fitness consist of now? Now I am ultra-alert, I even feel a little guilty if I don’t hit the gym. I love doing classes and even enjoy working out on my own because I now know what I’m doing. I’m the one pushing my hubby and kids to the gym! I’m also conscious of eating healthily and only prepare nutritious meals for the family. Personally, I’ve could cut down on carbs without feeling hungry because the Coaches at Pinnacle educated me on fuelling my body with the right type and balance of foods.

Did the 28 Day Game Change teach you anything you now implemented into your day-to-day? Absolutely! My goal setting session for the 28 Day Game Changer was with Alex and he was so knowledgeable. He showed me stretching exercises to do pre and post workout which has increased movement in my legs and shoulders. He also helped me install the PHCFitCoach App (Pinnacle’s Nutrition and Fitness App) on my phone and this was such a strong form of accountability. I couldn’t hide what I was eating or my portion sizes – it was all laid out for my coaches and I to see! This helped me be more disciplined with managing my calories and macronutrients and was an excellent educational tool. Every coach I encountered during the 28 Day Game Changer, both at Pinnacle Oakleigh and Scoresby, taught me something that I now incorporate into my daily workouts. I learnt correct technique, intensity and – most of all – how super fun workouts with likeminded people challenge me and help me continually progress my fitness.

Best thing about the 28 Day Game Changer? The variety of workouts & the people I met. I met a bunch of amazing people, namely Sam who was my daily workout buddy and made every workout so much fun! I knew I could get through any day with him encouraging me and saying, “we can do this”. I made friends for life through the 28 Day Game Changer.

Toughest part of the 28 Day Game Changer? Getting back into a regular exercise routine. However, by constantly working on maintaining a positive mindset, I became excited about the experience being my true game changer.

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