Keeping Our Members Safe During COVID-19

Below outlines the safety measures we have put in place to take care of our team, members and the community. As we learn more, we will be constantly fine-tuning these and updating this page so you can always check back here to stay informed.

Sanitising Stations

Across all our clubs, you will notice hand sanitising stations at the entry and exit as well as throughout the gym. We ask all members to sanitise their hands before, during and after their workout.

Deep Cleans

We will be increasing the number and frequency of deep cleans in our clubs to ensure all areas are adequately disinfected each day. Our club hours have also been adjusted to allow for an overnight clean.

Extra Cleaning Procedures

Our team members have been provided with additional training and support on the importance of maintaining hygiene at all times. They will be provided with additional cleaning kits for scheduled spot cleans through club operating hours as well as in between classes.

Face masks and Gloves

All staff are provided with face masks and disposable gloves. Current government restrictions ask that unless you have a lawful reason not to such as medical reason, members must wear masks to and from the gym, and during low intensity exercise. Members may take their masks off when exerting themselves strenuously in a class or exercise. All members and staff must maintain social distancing whether they are wearing a mask or not.

Equipment Spacing
You may notice some of our equipment has been switched off or moved. this is to allow enough space between cardio and strength equipment and to allow a safe 1.5m minimum between our members and staff. We will be alternating which equipment is switched on/off to allow for adequate cleaning and to reduce the number of touches per day.
Floor Markings

Markings have been placed on the floors to guide you to keep the recommended distance from others. these markings indicate entry and exit pathways and spacing between members and staff.

Waiting Area

All waiting area furniture has been removed or blocked off. Classes have also been timetabled to allow adequate time for cleaning and to avoid cross over of members when coming and going.

Class Sizes

Group Fitness, Locker Room and Wellness classes will now have a reduced number capacity to allow for distancing. Reformer studios have a maximum capacity of 10 to allow for 1.5m between beds and there will no be shared stations during Locker Room sessions. It is essential for members to book into all classes to ensure we stay within capacity restrictions.

Sweat Towels & Yoga Mats

Please remember to bring a sweat towel to gym workout sessions and classes. No towel, no workout. Please also bring your own yoga mat (or full length towel) to any mat classes.

Club Capacity

To ensure we adhere to current maximum capacity restrictions in each club and in each enclosed space, all members must book their class or gym session. You will be asked to stick to a 60 min total time in the gym and 1 workout per day. You will need to allow for wipe down of equipment used throughout this time. We have designated both indoor and outdoor spaces for classes and workouts to be able to cater for everyone. Bookings are essential, unfortunately we cannot cater for walk ins with the current restrictions. We ask you to please wait in your car until your allocated booking time to allow time for members to leave the building.

Virtual Classes

We will continue to provide our community with ways to stay fit and connected, even if you can’t make it to the gym. Our love classes and FB groups will remain a focus for our team and you will continue to receive complimentary access to our Pinnacle at Home program.

Member Agreement

All returning members will be required to sign an updated waiver agreement which details the additional hygiene and operational requirements. We are asking all members to be considerate to others and to stay away from the gym if you are unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with someone who has. This is a way to ensure we respect each other and keep everyone safe.

Drink Fountains

We strongly urge member to bring their own water or purchase the clubs. Our usual drunk refill stations will be closed.


Lockers will be out of bounds for hygiene reasons. We suggest only bringing the necessities to the gym.

Change Rooms

Change rooms are open for getting changed and toilet use. Showers will be closed during this time.

Contact Tracing

To ensure adequate contact tracing, bookings are a MUST, and all members must be either signed in with their tag at the front desk for indoor bookings, or be marked off by their instructor for outdoor classes.