Corporate Wellbeing Partnerships

Tailored Corporate Wellness Programs Focussed on Improving Physical & Mental Fitness

What are Pinnacle Corporate Wellbeing Partnerships?

With + 10 years experience in the health & fitness space, Pinnacle Health Club has been focussed on improving the physical and mental health of our local communities and now our global partners! Our team filled with experts in areas of fitness, mental health, nutrition and allied health are here to create a tailored program to suit your business needs.

Key Benefits of Pinnacle Partnerships

Improve Employee Performance

Improves Employees Mental Health

Reduces Employee Absenteeism

Workplace Health & Safety Benefits

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Our Corporate Offers

Fitness Challenges

Nutrition Workshops & Programs

Wellness Classes & Resources

Group Fitness Classes

Why is Corporate Health & Wellbeing so Important?

As we spend half of our lives at work, ensuring that it is a safe and healthy environment is a necessary requirement of all employees. A fit and healthy workplace is a more productive workplace! Supporting your teams’ physical and mental health has become a non negotiable with positive impacts on engagement, productivity, talent recruitment and retention.

Some of our Corporate Partners