With reopening on the 9th November, what happens to my membership?

All memberships will resume from Monday the 9th of November with some exceptions (listed below). Your payments will resume in line with your usual day and frequency. Note that your first payment may be a different amount than usual taking into consideration pro rata of day of the week we closed (Wednesday) and day of the week we open (Monday). Please also note than any overdues were suspended whilst we were closed, but will resume debits as well from when the club reopens. You can contact your club via email to fix up your overdues in advance if you would prefer.

– Extended suspensions already arranged or in place (that extend past 9th of November) will stand so you don’t have to request those again
– Personal training memberships will be reduced to just gym or studio access rates with personal training bookings and payments continuing through our Pinnacle Studios App.

What is a Pro rata and why am I being charged this?

All membership are billed on weekly, fortnightly or monthly periods. With the gym closing on Wednesday the 8th of July at 11:59pm its possible that if your membership was due to be debited in the coming days or week that you were not charged and therefore with the gym reopening on a Monday that you will be required to pay for the period between re opening and when your next debit is due to fall. Example Adam pays every Thursday $20 per week. The gym closes on Wednesday so he is not charged on the Thursday. The gym re opens on a Monday and his next payment is due on the Thursday. The period between opening and his first payment would be Monday – Wednesday meaning he would also be charged for this period. He would be debited his normal weekly amount of  $20+ 3 x $2.85 = $28.55 to cover this period. His next payment would go back to the $20 per week.

What if I’m not ready to come back to the gym yet?

If you aren’t quite ready to return, that’s ok. You can request for an extended suspension via the link below. Note that suspension will be at the usual fee of $2.50 per week, unless you have a valid medical reason and certificate. Request a suspension here.

I have credits remaining from outdoor sessions prior to opening. What happens to my credit?

Personal Training Sessions – personal training will continue so you can use those sessions. Note if you want your session to be run inside the gym, you will also need to book a gym slot in our Pinnacle Health Club app. Otherwise your session will be run outdoors.

Reformer Sessions – you can use these credits towards a class in the studio (non members or gym only members). Alternatively you can add this credit towards your membership. Simply complete this form to put your request to your club: here.

Outdoor Group Training Sessions – you can use these as a credit towards a class in the locker room or reformer studio (non members or gym only members). Alternatively you can add this credit towards your membership. Simply complete this form to put your request to your club: here.

I requested to cancel my membership during lockdown, will I still be debited?

If you paid your notice period in advance over the phone when you requested cancellation, you will not be debited anything further, although you will still have 30 days to use the gym until your membership ceases. If you have not paid your 30 days notice period in advance, then you will have 30 days worth of payments come out (4 if you pay weekly), during which time you can use the gym, and then your membership will cease.

Face masks and Gloves

All staff are provided with face masks and disposable gloves. Current government restrictions ask that unless you have a lawful reason not to such as medical reason, members must wear masks to and from the gym, and during low intensity exercise. Members may take their masks off when exerting themselves strenuously in a class or exercise. All members and staff must maintain social distancing whether they are wearing a mask or not.

Club Capacity

To ensure we adhere to current maximum capacity restrictions in each club and in each enclosed space, all members must book their class or gym session. You will be asked to stick to a 60 min total time in the gym and 1 workout per day. You will need to allow for wipe down of equipment used throughout this time. We have designated both indoor and outdoor spaces for classes and workouts to be able to cater for everyone. Bookings are essential, unfortunately we cannot cater for walk ins with the current restrictions. We ask you to please wait in your car until your allocated booking time to allow time for members to leave the building.

What is the best way to get in touch with my club?

The best way to get in touch with the team is through our club Facebook pages and we can answer you there too. You can find your local club’s contact details here