The 5 things you’ll notice when doing reformer pilates

The 5 things you'll notice when doing reformer pilates

The Reformer pilates method is quickly becoming one of the most popular pilates streams around. But what makes this method different from its counterparts? 

Here are 5 things you’ll experience from your standard reformer pilates class. 

More equipment 

One thing you’ll notice about reformer pilates is that not only is there a traditional reformed bed which you’ll be doing your workout on but there’s more equipment in general that will be used to get the most out of your workout. From exercise balls to stretch bands, you’ll be using plenty of fitness gadgets to get you a deeper work out.  

Increased lean muscle 

Reformer pilates very much predicates the effects of deeper resistance that would not ordinarily come about from a traditional pilates workout. Due to this, people may find that their workouts may lead to a greater increase in muscle bulk in a shorter amount of time. These muscles are usually larger and tighter and a result of the carefully choreographed workouts created by reformer bed specialists who know how to get the most out of the equipment. 

Reduced joint pains 

While you certainly will be working up a sweat with a reformer pilates workout, you’ll find that you won’t have the same joint aches that would ordinarily come out during or after a HIIT workout. This is because reformer pilates uses less impact but still consists of enough resistance-based reps that’ll have your muscles burning in no time. This is a huge benefit to those who have experienced physical injuries and want to get back into shape without putting too much stress on vulnerable areas. 

Exceptional muscle tone

Once again, due to the resistance capabilities available on a reformer bed, users will notice an immediate improvement in muscle strength and tone. Not only will you be able to reach muscles you wouldn’t ordinarily think to strengthen but you’ll do so in a way that intensifies the workout, getting you visible results in a greater measure. 

Better posture and stronger core 

Another great benefit of reformer pilates classes is that you’ll experience better posture and a stronger core as a result. Not only do your muscles get strengthened but they’re worked out in such a way that your posture is enhanced and your core is built up in an upright position. Better posture not only helps your back strength but adds an illusion of greater height. 

Find out more about Pinnacle Health’s Reformer pilates classes

If these benefits have piqued your interest, get in touch with the team at Pinnacle Health today! Our team of fitness specialists can help you navigate through the world of pilates and help curate the perfect session to get you on track to your fitness goals.

From reformer bed to the traditional method, Pinnacle Health will get you where you need to be to help you smash your fitness goals. 

How to best prepare and cool down from a HIIT workout

How to best prepare and cool down from a HIIT workout

When it comes to getting the most out of your High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, you may be surprised to find that a large component to your workout success lies in your preparation and cooldown before and after your workout, not just the workout itself.

In order to prepare yourself for your best burn yet as well as help you cool down so you don’t get too sore that you lose momentum, here are our top tips on getting the most of your HIIT training. 


Choose the right energy source:

If you’re on a prescribed exercise plan and supplements are a part of your transformation, be sure to time your consumption accordingly prior to your workout. Weight loss shakes and supplemented drinks (like carnitine in water) may need to be consumed 30 minutes prior to workout to avoid cramps or the sluggishness that comes with a full belly. Recommended carbs or meals will also need to be scheduled accordingly. 

Dress appropriately:

HIIT workouts require a level of agility and limberness. You won’t feel agile with layers and layers of baggy clothing getting in the way. Be sure to dress appropriately for your workout without having any unnecessary layers hindering your movement. You won’t have to go out and buy a brand new activewear wardrobe but you will need to consider what gym wear will suit your type of workout. 

Pre workout stretch:  

This is perhaps the most crucial component of all. HIIT workouts are just that: high intensity! You’ll need to ensure that you avoid injuries or extreme soreness by stretching every muscle beforehand. From your legs to arms to those pesky muscles you didn’t know existed, aim to stretch your whole body beforehand to avoid regretting it later on.

Post Workout

Post workout stretch 

Once again, an additional stretch after a hard workout will help you avoid those savage “DOMS” and make sure you can walk down stairs relatively normally after a tough leg day. Stretching will also help you lean out your muscles so that they don’t bulk up and also relax your body from any lingering tension. 

Help assist muscle regeneration 

Once your hardcore workout is done and dusted, you’ll need some recovery food to help with your muscle regeneration. If you haven’t received guidance in this particular area from a specialist, a great start is consuming grapes right after your workout, and of course drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. 

Get in touch for more HIIT insights

These are just some of the things you can do to ensure that you’re fully prepared for your workout as well as fully cooled down to heal the body after strenuous exercise. We here at Pinnacle Health are dedicated to empowering our clients to face their fitness challenges head on and achieve the results they envision.

If you want to find out more info about the best means of prepping the body as well as the best exercises for effective weight loss and overall fitness, get in touch with our team today and we’ll get you on your way to your transformation. 

6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Aren’t Seeing Results

It can be pretty deflating when you feel like you are working hard but not seeing the results you want from your training.  

Our coach, Emma D has written down the questions she asks her clients when they feel like they have hit a wall.  Ask yourself and see where you think you can make changes to your training, your nutrition and your lifestyle.

Q1: Are you being CONSISTENT with your training? Stick to a regular routine of workouts that works with your lifestyle that you’re able to maintain.

Q2: Are you TRACKING PROGRESS? Logging exercises/weights/intensity in the gym is essential to ensure you’re applying the right stimuli to your body each week to get stronger and fitter.

Q3. Are you working at the CORRECT INTENSITY? Unfortunately nothing comes easy, you should be pushing yourself pretty damn hard at least twice a week to see improvements depending on your goals. However it’s also just as important to take rest days/weeks to avoid burnout.

Q4. What is your NUTRITION like? Majority of your diet should be coming from whole foods, adequate protein and a healthy balance of carbs, fats and essential micronutrients for optimal functioning.

Q5. Are you getting enough SLEEP? Sleep is a crucial part of recovery and avoiding burnout/sickness, aim for 7-9 hours per night.

Q6. How is your STRESS management? Exercise is already a stressor to the body, so adding too much your body will make it difficult to recover and improve both in and out of the gym. Make sure you give yourself time out to relax and reenergise for the week ahead.

For more tips and to chat to our coach Emma in club or get in touch at 

How Ilanna Stays Motivated

Meet our Studio Member Ilanna

Our little quiet achiever, Ilanna at Pinnacle Caribbean Park who when chatting to us about her training told us that she didn’t think it was very motivational. Well we beg to differ!

Ilana describes her life as very busy. Juggling full time work as a teacher, her partner studying and working full time as a critical care nurse plus spending lots of time cooking and spending time with family.

“My job is quite demanding and training provides me with an outlet after work each day for my mental and physical health. Training with a group of people and forming connections outside of my familiar circles motivates me as I look forward to seeing them!”

So what does the typical week look like for Ilana?

I always like to start off my week right with a Locker Room class on Monday’s after work. This always starts my week off right.

Wednesdays I attend Body Pump at Scoresby and love the CRX class there on Fridays too.

Saturday I like to take things a little slower with a sleep in and then a Reformer class at Caribbean Park.

Sundays are my rest days where we spend time with family and in the kitchen cooking.

Sometimes it’s hard to get to classes depending on if I get out of work on time but I try to go as much as I can and see it as part of my day. I go straight to the gym from work so I don’t have time to think twice about it. The feeling you get after a workout and the consistency and discipline that comes with going to the gym regularly is also a big driving force.

My biggest motivational factor is knowing the trainers will see you every week (and notice when you aren’t there!) as well as the people you usually train with. It takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me try things I definitely wouldn’t if I was training by myself.

Find out more about our studio membership options.

5 Benefits of Training with a Friend

We all know how hard it can be to motivate yourself to complete a workout on your own- so here’s 5 reasons why it pays off to train with a friend.

Someone has your back (literally) Chances are you’re not hitting your PB or increasing your weights because there’s no one spotting you. You think you can lift more, but do you risk it? Bring a friend along and you can both rotate and spot each other and push each other.

It’s a great way to socialise Work/study commitments can always get in the way of time with friends so why not combine your weekly catch up with a workout? Catching up with friends at the gym also establishing positive habits and saves you money! You can set a target A competitive streak can be a healthy way to push yourself and your gym partner. Set the pace and see who takes home the win!

You can share like-minded goals There’s nothing better than a team effort- sharing like-minded goals ensures you to stay on track and you can always share tips on how to improve your performance!

Added motivation is your best friend! There’s no time for excuses when it comes to training with a friend- hold each other accountable for your workout routine and you’ll be smashing your fitness goals in no time!  

Melissa Duncan’s Top Running Tips

With the weather getting better & longer days upon us, it is the start of the running season and the perfect time to hit the pavement. Running is a fantastic form of exercise that improves your cardio fitness, builds lean muscle and also a great way to de-stress and get that endorphins hit.

Someone who knows this all too well is Australian Middle Distance runner & Pinnacle member, Melissa Duncan. Melissa has put together her top tip for anyone thinking of getting into running.



Having a squad to run with makes the whole process more enjoyable because you can use it as a time to catch up as well as get fit. Even just meeting with someone ensures your accountability to get out there.

Running is hard, but it’s the friendships and the social aspect that helped me fall in love with it.


Whether it be a target distance you want to achieve or a fun run event coming up, having a goal will make you more likely to stick with your running plan.


It’s very simple- the more frequently you get out for a run, the more you will improve! Don’t be afraid to have walking breaks if you need to, then gradually decrease them as you get fitter.


If you’re working long hours and already have a busy schedule, planning to run every day might be an unreal expectation. Start with a realistic plan of how often you can run and ensure it’s achievable so you will stick to it. If you miss one planned training run, it makes it easier to miss more in the future, so if your plan is attainable, you shouldn’t have any reason to deviate from it. Plan shorter runs during the working week and a longer run on the weekend when you have more time.


To ensure you can keep running, it’s important to avoid injury and soreness, so get that foam roller out and give your whole body a good stretch after every run so you don’t feel sore the next day.

Above all, it’s really important to enjoy your running or you won’t have the motivation to keep doing it, so spoil yourself with some brunch after your run on the weekends!

If you are interested in joining us for our Pinnacle Run Club with Melissa, you can register your interest here:

Women We Love: Team McLennan

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every Wonder Women! At Pinnacle Health Clubs, Women are always at the front. Not only does our ChicksLift program exist to empower & inspire women to train the right way for their bodies, our clubs and head office are filled with awesome like-minded females – just like Coaches, Elise & Melissa McLennan (not related!). We caught up with both these ladies to find out why they devote so much of their lives & passion to helping women gain confidence in their own skin.

MEL: My passion for health and fitness intensified after having my first child. It gave me something else to focus on, time out for myself to do something good for me. I was dedicated, saw some great results and it greatly increased my confidence.

ELISE: My first Strength & Conditioning Coach was a driving force for my career choice. I was stuck doing useless training in a gym just trying to burn calories and never getting results. Ash (an old high school friend and now Strength & Conditioning Coach in Canada) introduced me to structured strength training and taught me the science behind it all. I fell in love and knew I needed to spread the good word.

MEL: I love training other woman as I have seen what our bodies are capable of; the transformations they go through and also the desire to have that post-baby body back! I find women need more direction and praise than men, so I get a lot out of training woman specifically.

ELISE: My favourite thing about training other women is watching them fall in love and feel (and see) the benefits of getting strong AF!

MEL: Love life, live healthy – you CAN do this!

ELISE: Train smarter not harder. A philosophy I’ve developed from my own experience. I used to think I had to be killing myself in the gym at least 6 days a week to get results. I now follow a structured, progressive strength program 4 days a week and am achieving the best results I’ve ever experienced (both body composition & strength wise).

MEL: Most of the time I love a fast paced high intensity workout.  I do also love a Dead Bug – it’s a simple movement which gives great results to our inner core muscles!

ELISE: Definitely the Pallof Press! I pretty sure every client I’ve ever trained has had to do this exercise. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest and most functional core exercises as it trains anti-rotation in a standing position and it uses many of our core muscles (obliques, TVA, glutes, rectus abdominis, etc).

MEL: I made the decision to study a new career after having a family a huge change. At a time when I was trying to raise a young family I also had to establish myself in a completely new industry. My workplace was filled with people nearly half my age, who had a wealth of knowledge and were already succeeding and doing wonderful things. Today I am so glad I stuck it out! I have definitely found my passion and have even developed a niche for myself as Pinnacle’s pre and post natal specialist. Ladies, we’ve got this!

ELISE: Hitting PB’s in all my lifts the past few weeks amidst many minor  niggles has been a pretty good achievement.

We think that’s ace Elise – just like YOU & MEL! If you are interested in joining either of these ladies, they can be contacted at their prospective clubs. Elise works out of Pinnacle Scoresby & Mel can be found at Pinnacle Upwey. 



Meet Melanie, our 8WC Nutritionist

Meet Melanie Sinclair; an accredited Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine and our 8 Week Challenge Nutrition Partner. Melanie is wholehearted about all areas of nutrition and over the years has developed a special interest in gut heath and body composition (fat loss/ muscle gain). She believes no one ever looks back from making positive changes to their health which makes being a Holistic Nutritionist very rewarding! Here’s a little more about Melanie… 

I graduated in 2012 and started mainly with one-on-one consultations and workshops. A couple of years ago, I developed a special interest in body composition and purchased a Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). Since then I have done lots of scans and added challenges and workshops in gyms and other fitness facilities to my repertoire.

Everyone asks me this and, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure! I’ve always been a huge fan of food and love cooking. My Great Grandad used to make interesting concoctions and there would always be sprouts sprouting in his kitchen and weird things fermenting in jars – so it must be in my blood!

It’s hard to fly by the seat of your pants and eat healthy all the time so everyone has to commit to some kind of food preparation. Some people find it useful to spend a chunk of time prepping for the week ahead, but I prefer to always make extra of everything as I go. This way, you end up with additional healthy snack or have another meal for the next day, or later in the week.

If it’s not fresh, choose packaged products that have 4 or less ingredients. If your liver has to process chemicals or man-made ingredients, it has less capacity to burn fat.

An easy one is high protein cottage cheese (Barambah brand), which you can then add any ingredient to that you have in the fridge or fruit bowl – for example: chopped apple, pear or banana. Alternatively, eat with snow peas, sugar snap peas or left over roast chicken.

Stick to any dishes that are meat or fish and vegetable based! Saying no to that side of chips is hard I know (still gets me alot!), but if you’re after results it’s worth it in the long run.

No one’s perfect so I think a meal you enjoy every now and then is fine. I prefer to call them a ‘free’ meal instead of a cheat meal. My tip around this is: have your ‘free meal’ on days you train. If you splurge with food on a day that you don’t train, it can set you back if your primary goal is fat loss.

Focus on foods you can have! Understand nutrient dense foods and build your meals around them. Experiment with interesting ingredients and don’t make meals too complicated. Start slow if this is a new concept to you and soon your taste buds will adapt and fresh foods will taste better and better. Eventually, you will actually crave fresh and healthy as opposed to processed foods.

Aim for 40 plant foods every week for optimum health! That includes fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices. Count what you have now and then set some goals to reach the target of 40!

Melanie is an accredited Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine. She can be contacted for consultations here


Pinnacle’s brand new 8 Week Challenge (8WC) is based on our original 12 Week program which has helped thousands of people lose weight, break unhealthy habits and make their health & fitness a priority. So, why did we make the change from 12 to 8 weeks? Read on to find out… 


Previous challenges have proven 8 weeks to be a more manageable time-frame
Our team have been facilitating 12 Week Challenges for more than 5 years, and with 2-3 Challenge’s each year, we’ve gained powerful insights into what motivates our members.  Over the last couple of years in particular, we’ve noticed that it’s the 7-8 week mark where the magic happens! During these weeks, members have achieved amazing transformations in both body & mind, and are ready to put what they’ve learnt into practice. At this time they’ve made a conscious decision on whether they’re now ready to go it alone with a Coach or workout in the gym with the mates they’ve made during the challenge… and they’re usually ready to celebrate at this point too (see note on presentation night below!).

Small goals provide the stepping stones to your success
Pre-challenge check-ins are a great time for a heart-to-heart with one of our expert coaches.  During this time, they help pave pathways for success and then, during group workouts and via online conversations, they help you set small goals as stepping stones. Small goals over 8 weeks are a lot less daunting than one huge goal and a 3-month timeframe.

Camaraderie and a sense of community flourishes
Q: What happens when you work out in a team three times a week for 8 weeks? You encourage one another? You push each other to your limits? You banter online with words of support and share healthy recipes?
A: You build a strong, proud team – and even find lifelong friends. This motivation & support network is one of the vital catalysts for change.

Be inspired to make lasting lifestyle improvements
In addition to your supportive tribe of likeminded friends and regular group workouts – the complimentary Nutrition Workshop in week one, meal plans, and regular healthy tips for an active lifestyle make it almost impossible to not feel motivated and inspired. This equates to better odds of you sustaining your new lifestyle long after the challenge has finished.

Last but not least, an 8 Week Challenge means there’s only 2 months to wait until the fun-filled bootcamp awards presentation

And whether it’s 8 or 12 weeks, no Pinnacle Challenger will be left thinking ‘what next?’ We make it a priority to provide pathways for ongoing success and long term fitness goals.

So, no matter your starting point or whether your goals are fitness, weight loss or habit-specific, we’d love to help you achieve them in our next 8 week Challenge. Starts Monday 21st January  HERE 


Massive kudos to all the incredible Pinnacle members who have been smashing out impressive sessions in the gym since returning from the festive break. A big warm welcome to all our new members who have made solid commitments to their health and fitness this year and to all the mums, dads and carers who survived school holidays and made it through January – well done!

We’re so, so proud of all of you (even if you’ve had a few slips ups – who doesn’t? We’re all human right?)

So, what’s next? It’s now about making the most of your Pinnacle membership.

Discover all that your club has to offer. Every program, class and special event has been designed to keep you motivated so you not only reach those current goals but can set (and reset) new ones! From the high-energy team training sessions in The Locker Room, ladies-only strength sessions, 40+ weekly group fitness classes on each club’s timetable and Wellness studios at Upwey & Caribbean Business Park in Scoresby, there’s something for every person, ambition and mood.

Meet your coaches. These Pinnacle powerhouses are experts in helping you keep your eyes on the prize – especially when you feel like giving up. Whether your goal is weight, fitness or habit related, they’ll be by your side through the highs and lows, offering guidance and imparting the fundamentals of fitness & nutrition to help you thrive with a clean, active lifestyle. Look out for free Head Coach Clinics, book a Coach Catch Up or add a Private Coaching session to your weekly schedule for an added boost!

Find your tribe! Train with a team in the bright, welcoming Locker Room, make lifelong friends in a Pinnacle Challenge or find your squad in a Wellness studio. Whatever path you choose at Pinnacle, there’s a team of likeminded people eagerly awaiting your arrival. Or if you just want to go it alone, know that everyone at Pinnacle is on your side. It’s our goal to ensure your journey at Pinnacle is nothing short of spectacular.

In 2018 we promise to be your coach, your team and your biggest fan club. Connect with us in club, online or out in the community at one of our external events. And be sure to share your proud pinnacle moments on our social pages using the hashtag #Pinnacleproud