Why Blokes love Pilates

Pilates just for gals? Think again! Firstly, Pilates was invented by a man (Joseph Pilates) and secondly, plenty of male athletes use Pilates to complement weight training and cardio, and to maintain core strength, flexibility and function. Over recent years numerous AFL footballers have sung the praises of Pilates which has inspired more men to get involved. “The male Pilates faithfuls we see at our studios not only attend for injury rehab and prevention, but love how they progress each session” Pinnacle Wellness Founder & Instructor, Emma Stallworthy says. “In a typical Reformer session, you work the same muscles just in different ways and, as you get more advanced, so too do the exercises”.

As well as providing progression, what are the other reasons more men are taking up Pilates?

Improve Sports Performance

Pilates can have a profound effect on not only a competitive athlete’s performance but social sportspeople – regardless of their chosen sport. “Recently my 56 year old, golf-devoted client shared with me that he’d achieved a 30m increase on his drive after just two weeks!” Emma explains.

Reduce Stiffness and Back Pain

Pilates can be a serious ally when it comes to preventing or reducing stiffness and back pain. Most Pilates exercises help strengthen the stabilising muscles of the core, which support the alignment of the spine’s natural curve. Improper spinal alignment is associated with a wide range of aches and pains, from chronic issues to everyday joint pain.

Supplement Weight Training

Typically, when men workout at the gym they focus on developing the size & strength of their primary muscles. Conversely, Pilates focuses on developing the core and secondary muscles which power movement in the arms and legs. The result? Supplementing your weight training with Pilates offers greater potential to improve size & strength of those primary muscles!

Greater Core Strength

Core strength is one of the main points of focus with Pilates for men. As well as focusing on using the core to power movement in the limbs, specific Pilates exercises also hit the Transverse Abdominus – the stabiliser of the middle part of your body. “The reason men love exercises that involve the Transverse Abdominus is because when this muscle is strong, their back and stomach are strong which helps six-pack abs form!” explains Emma.

Increase Flexibility

Pilates works toward functional fitness and exercises seek to increase flexibility and range of motion, yet you’re unlikely to find the kind of pretzel stretches in Pilates that one might find in gymnastics or yoga. Therefore, increased flexibility is achieved in a way that men often feel more comfortable with.

So, no matter what gender, age or ability, there’s really no reason not to give Pilates a go! Why not experience a Reformer or Mat Pilates as our guest in January as part of a Super Club Pass? You can activate in club or get yours here

Can I get in shape for Summer?

A couple of days ago, a fitness professional was spruiking his “quick fix” Summer Shape Up program on the radio and it got us thinking: “Summer is less than a month away, is this guy setting his followers up for failure?” To answer our question, we turned to Pinnacle Caribbean Park Coach, Dave Carman

In short, my answer is: Yes. Any fitness program needs to be viewed as a lifelong commitment to health and wellbeing. For some people – especially those who have been inactive for a long time – that might sound exhausting but this sort of thinking is actually more conducive to achieving results both short and long term for the following reasons:

1) Adding another deadline to our already time-poor society adds another stress, and as research shows, stress = weight gain! Extend the timeframe and suddenly you keep up good habits long into Summer, the festive season and beyond!

2) Put unrealistic expectations on people in the first stages of their fitness program and guess what happens when they don’t achieve the weight loss/muscle gain/ or love of fitness they were promised? They give up on themselves.

That’s not to say you can’t develop good habits in a short timeframe – you most definitely can! That’s the difference between programs offered at PinnacleHC (such as the 28 Day Game Changer) and others in the market. The 28Day Game Changer is ALL about offering the highest level of support and education to set people up for long-term success. It’s as much about changing mindsets as it is about fitness – maybe even more.

It’s also important to me that we use the right language with people so they’re not set up for failure. To use language that makes someone who is currently in poor health expect they’ll be in great shape after a couple of weeks can be so damaging to their self-confidence – especially when they don’t achieve what they expected to in the end. Therefore, I would rephrase the original question to: ‘Can I really be healthy for life


Drink more water than you’re drinking now
H20 helps flush out the nasties in your system and regulates many of the key metabolic functions of your body

Find Stress Managing Techniques that work for you
Cortisol, the stress release hormone, is one of the key hormones related to weight gain. Reduce stress and watch your waistline reduce without the need to do 100 sit-ups a day! Quite often we get stressed because we aren’t losing weight so if that’s you, try implementing self-love strategies such as making positive self-talk a part of your every day AND extend your weight loss timeframes (see point 1 above if you’ve skim read to here)

Recruit an Exercise Partner 
It can be a Personal Trainer, a gym buddy, a walking friend, a bike riding group – anyone to keep you accountable. Plus, exercise is always better together!

Add Resistance Training 2-3 times per week
Working out at a fairly high intensity means not only do you burn more calories during the session, but post workout too!

Portion control 
Most of us have eyes bigger than our stomach and often we’re not even aware of the number of calories in our foods. Using a monitoring device – such as PinnacleHC’s Nutrition App – can help you stay on top of your calorie intake. Eating less calories than you burn is still the best way to reduce weight & body fat – provided you’re eating plenty of protein, fresh veggies and doing your weights!

Dave is available for 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 Private Coaching sessions at Pinnacle Caribbean Park. When he’s not specialising in Strength & Weight Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Boxing, Functional Movement or Health Coaching, he’s playing cricket, talking about cricket or thinking about cricket!

Meet Our Ambassador, George

Pinnacle’s November Ambassador, George (29) has been a much-loved member of Pinnacle Oakleigh for 2 years – almost to the day! When we last wrote about his journey (see previous blog here) he had lost 20kilos, was squatting 75kgs and was constantly challenging himself in and out of the gym. Along the way, George experienced an incredible mindset change which has never wavered and today, he is one of the most positive people we know. Below he shares what’s been happening over the last 12 months and proves why he’s a much-deserved Ambassador for Pinnacle Health Clubs… 

Last time we checked in, you had lost 20.5kg and 13.9% body fat. Tell us what’s been happening?
This year has been pretty hectic with plenty of social events – weddings, engagements, etc so the diet hasn’t been perfect but by keeping up with my training I have maintained my weight loss.

What are the 3 main changes you made to achieve your incredible results?
— Sticking to a regular exercising routine
— Diet changes: slowly cutting out all sugars from my food and soft drink. From there, making sure I eat three filling meals a day – without over eating! – and keeping up my water intake
— Maintaining a positive mindset.

What was your turning point?
When I first dropped below 100kg it gave me hope that I could make true lasting change. For my entire adolescence, and into adult life, I’ve been in the triple digits so to finally hit 99kg, it felt like there was an end goal. Little did I know that this would just open the floodgates for new challenged and ambitions.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Finally being able to drop to a lower clothing size and walk around pain free – you can’t put a price on that kind of thing.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
When I first started, I had a terrible back and ankles, and couldn’t walk long distances. By sticking to an exercise routine, I slowly strengthened both my back and ankles and became more mobile.

What has been your motivation?
My family and friends are a constant source of motivation, as well as the staff at Pinnacle Oakleigh.

What have you learnt about yourself?
That I can overcome any obstacle if I put my mind to it.

How has Pinnacle Health Club helped in your journey?
They’ve not only helped me reclaim my health, but allowed my self-esteem to build up before I had put on the weight. The Pinnacle team helped me realise it was important to be proud of my achievements and now I walk with my head high with how good I feel.

If you had advice for someone in your old shoes, what would it be?
Take it one day at a time, and don’t worry about the person next to you; focus on yourself.

Andy & Sara: In It Together

For Andy (32) and Sara (30), this 12 Week Challenge (12WKC) presented an opportunity to draw a line in the sand. “Enough was enough”, says Andy who was on a self-confessed downward spiral of unhealthy habits. For Sara, it was just as personal; “I didn’t want to be “the big girl” who couldn’t keep up anymore. Having not been members of a gym before, they were unsure where to start but knew a team environment would present their best opportunity for success, having both played competitive team sports over the years. Enter Pinnacle Health Club, the 12WKC, and the amazing Upwey community and now – 10 weeks in – it’s safe to say neither Sara or Andy could have imagined their new lease on life. Here’s their story (so far!)…

How did you feel before the 12WKC?
ANDY: Completely shot! It was time for a change in a lot of aspects of life and the 12WKC has reinvigorated me, not just with the exercise but eating habits and choices! It’s even given me the energy and enthusiasm to make changes in other areas like finance and work/life balance.

SARA: In a word: unhappy. I knew I needed to do something but didn’t know what and I was scared to put myself out there. I was nervous walking into the gym – even for the initial chat with the Pinnacle Coach and almost talked myself out of the challenge all together before the first scan.

How do you feel today?
ANDY: Refreshed, recharged, reinvigorated and reenergised! Sara and I are both happier in everyday life, we are laughing more and starting to live a better life than the one we had been living for a while! I genuinely can’t thank Ryan, our 12WKC team mates, and everyone else associated with Pinnacle enough for what the last 3 months has taught me!

SARA: I feel great and have so much more energy but it’s been far more than just exercise and going to the gym – I feel happier, more confident, proud of my achievements and am looking forward to setting new goals and reaching them too. I am enjoying the new routine and look forward to going to the gym – words I never thought I would say!

Best thing about the 12WKC so far?
ANDY: The sense of achievement. We’re in week 10 now and the sessions we’re doing I’d never have been able to do 3 months ago! I’ve also discovered that I love boxing – so much so that I went and bought boxing gear and I’ve been making Sara box with me at home!!

SARA: The people. Coach Ryan and the other 12WKC Crew make every session fun; it’s supportive but we also push each other at the same time. There have been times when I have had to push myself to get up and go but the minute I am there with everyone it’s so much easier to get through the session. I love that every session is different because I’ve been exposed to different exercises – even if that has meant I’ve had to spend time in the spin room!!

Your proudest achievement so far?
ANDY: I’d have to say the Pinnacle Park Run/Walk we did last weekend. It might not seem like a massive achievement to others but completing 3.3kms in 37 minutes proved to me that I’m doing all the right things. Previously the farthest I’d attempted to walk was 2.5kms and that took me at least 50 minutes – if not longer!

SARA: The first time we did the 1000 steps – this was a big moment for me. Having lived around the hills for most of my life I have used every excuse to not attempt the 1000 Steps. The first time we did it as a 12WKC group, we were two weeks in and I was really nervous – I even hoped it would be cancelled due to rain but it wasn’t and I went. Coach Elise and Allie (challenger from another club) were with me the whole way and when I got to the top I was ecstatic and emotional (lots of tears at the top!) Seldom have I been proud of a physical achievement and it felt like a real turning point.

Toughest part of the 12WKC and how you got through it?
ANDY: I’ve struggled with tiredness, energy levels and an injury to my quad. In previous attempts to lose weight the injury would have been all the reason I needed to pack it in and declare it “all too hard”. Coach Ryan has been fantastic – helping me train through the injury, constantly checking-in to make sure what he has planned isn’t too strenuous on the quad and suggesting suitable (and I’m sure, often harder) alternatives!

Sara has kept me on the straight and narrow at home, making sure I haven’t undone the hard work when tiredness (and laziness) have started to creep back in as a convenient excuse.

SARA: Remaining consistent, turning up three times a week and giving it my all. It’s hard to change habits and push myself week-in-week-out.

How has Pinnacle’s Nutrition App helped you?
ANDY & SARA: We used the Nutrition App a lot in the beginning to re-educate ourselves on the types of foods we should be eating to support good nutrition, how often and how much of each macronutrient we should have. Coach Ryan has also checked in with us a lot with regards to nutrition and that has kept us on the right track too!

Any healthy habits to share? 
ANDY: I’ve rediscovered a love of eggs! I think I’ve had an omelette every morning Monday to Friday since we started the 12WKC and my personal favourite would have to be blue cheese and chipotle tabasco sauce!

SARA: The biggest thing I have learnt is to be prepared. Be organised with healthy options so there is always a good choice on hand. Boiled eggs, cut up veggies, portioned out dips in the fridge all mean I make good decisions when I need to grab something quick. I also have things like natural popcorn portioned out in the cupboard so that if I do snack I’m not over eating.

I have often referred to the Pinnacle 12WKC Facebook group to ask questions and ask for inspiration and I think this platform has been incredibly beneficial. Having a forum to ask questions and see food photos and recipes has been great.

Your biggest learning so far?
ANDY: I’ve learnt that I have much more resolve and determination than I thought! And that its more than okay to put myself first rather than trying to please other people all the time. I’ve also learnt the importance of recovery sessions, daily foam rolling and a balanced diet.  My new diet is a sustainable lifestyle change rather than a short-term attempt that will ultimately crash and burn in glorious failure.

SARA: I have learnt that I hate spin classes (ha ha!). In all seriousness, I couldn’t articulate how much I have learnt as it has been incredibly eye opening. From learning a myriad of different exercise techniques and targeting specific areas to researching food and being far more aware of what I am eating and how it impacts my body – it’s been an incredible, life-changing journey.

PINNACLE: Sara & Andy have not only made each other proud, but their Pinnacle Coaches and team mates couldn’t be prouder. They’ve also helped motivate the Upwey 12WKC crew with their cheeky banter and positively infectious personalities! We’re so grateful they chose Pinnacle Health Club and can’t wait to see what else is in store for them.  

Dishani’s Game Changing Journey

Since being diagnosed with a thyroid problem 10 years ago which resulted in having her thyroid gland removed, Dishani (44) has struggled to lose the 20kgs that subsequently crept up on her. Today, it’s a different story! When she looks in the mirror, Dishani is proud of the strong determined woman who broke down her fitness barriers, looks fantastic and feels a million dollars. All this, she says, would not have been possible without Pinnacle’s 28 Day Game Changer

What made you choose Pinnacle’s 28 Day Game Changer to help you reach your goals? The 28 Day Game Changer promised to include fun team training workouts with a motivating coach pushing me to my limits – and that’s exactly what I got! It was just the kick-start my body needed.

What were your main goals when you signed up to the 28 Day Game Changer? To lose 5kgs and get into the rhythm of regular gym workouts. I knew I needed to supplement this with a healthy diet but didn’t know where to start so I also wanted nutrition advice to help me reach my desired weight loss goal.

Did you achieve your goals? Not only did I achieve them, I smashed them! I have lost 7kgs so far and feel fantastic inside and out with so much energy. I’ve rid myself of depressive feelings and feel extremely confident and happy.

What did a typical week of health & fitness consist of prior to your 28 Day Game Changer? There were barely any healthy choices and almost no fitness. I was dragged to the gym by my husband and kids and didn’t enjoy working out alone. I used to counting every minute to get out of there. I also comfort ate cakes, sweets and chips. I was feeling so depressed, tired and sluggish.

What does a typical week of health & fitness consist of now? Now I am ultra-alert, I even feel a little guilty if I don’t hit the gym. I love doing classes and even enjoy working out on my own because I now know what I’m doing. I’m the one pushing my hubby and kids to the gym! I’m also conscious of eating healthily and only prepare nutritious meals for the family. Personally, I’ve could cut down on carbs without feeling hungry because the Coaches at Pinnacle educated me on fuelling my body with the right type and balance of foods.

Did the 28 Day Game Change teach you anything you now implemented into your day-to-day? Absolutely! My goal setting session for the 28 Day Game Changer was with Alex and he was so knowledgeable. He showed me stretching exercises to do pre and post workout which has increased movement in my legs and shoulders. He also helped me install the PHCFitCoach App (Pinnacle’s Nutrition and Fitness App) on my phone and this was such a strong form of accountability. I couldn’t hide what I was eating or my portion sizes – it was all laid out for my coaches and I to see! This helped me be more disciplined with managing my calories and macronutrients and was an excellent educational tool. Every coach I encountered during the 28 Day Game Changer, both at Pinnacle Oakleigh and Scoresby, taught me something that I now incorporate into my daily workouts. I learnt correct technique, intensity and – most of all – how super fun workouts with likeminded people challenge me and help me continually progress my fitness.

Best thing about the 28 Day Game Changer? The variety of workouts & the people I met. I met a bunch of amazing people, namely Sam who was my daily workout buddy and made every workout so much fun! I knew I could get through any day with him encouraging me and saying, “we can do this”. I made friends for life through the 28 Day Game Changer.

Toughest part of the 28 Day Game Changer? Getting back into a regular exercise routine. However, by constantly working on maintaining a positive mindset, I became excited about the experience being my true game changer.

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How Brian won his battle

Brian Blight, 52 believes his journey is not as significant as what others in the gym have achieved but we couldn’t disagree more! Almost 18 months ago, he weighed 130kgs and whilst he lost over 30kgs to stall his type 2 diabetes with gastric bypass surgery, he also lost muscle mass and a lot of strength. Joining Pinnacle 18 months ago helped Brian lose more of his unwanted weight while at the same time get stronger and fitter. In his words “I can feel hard muscles on my body where jelly once ruled”. Like all our inspiring Ambassadors, Brian believes it’s a combination of factors that have been key to his success. Read on to find out what these are…

Three changes you made to achieve results? 1) Regular and consistent exercise; 2) Seeking expert exercise technique advice to get the best results for the least work & 3) Understanding that diet is such an important part of the journey – what you put in your mouth can have a massive negative effect on all your efforts.

Challenges along the way and how you’ve overcome them? When I started exercising, I was hopeless! I had no balance, no flexibility and felt like giving up on several occasions. Without the Pinnacle Coaches advising me how to improve, and many long term Pinnacle members welcoming and encouraging me, mine might have been a different story. Persistence started to pay off and slowly I got fitter, dropped the extra kilos and people started telling me how good I was looking.

Along the way, I fatigued and my results even went backwards for a period. On advice from Coaches, I saw Pinnacle’s affiliated Nutritionist. Turned out I was eating half of what I needed to fuel my body for exercise. On advice from the Nutritionist, I started gaining muscle mass instead of losing it and I still lost weight. This all makes sense now, but is not intuitively logical.

What motivate you? Friendly interaction between the Pinnacle team and fellow members. I came from a gym that left me to my own devices and consequently, I started finding excuses not to go. Within days of being a Pinnacle member all Coaches and staff knew my name – this was long before I knew theirs! The Locker Room is so good – I am now a gym junkie, attending at least 5 days a week and often twice in the one day!

Your biggest learnings? Previous to the last two years, I had not been to a gym since I was 17 – now I feel like I have cheated on my partner (Pinnacle) if I miss a session. I realize how addictive fitness can be and how much better I feel. I’m getting to the stage that I catch myself strutting around like a rooster. I’m proud of the improvements I’ve made and love that many old friend don’t recognize me when they see me.

Proudest moment to date? Recently I went snowboarding for 12 days in NZ with my 19, 17 and 15 year old sons. Normally they would run rings around me and I would be tired, sore and out of breath. This time I skied nonstop and as hard as I ever have and was not sweaty, tired or sore – unlike my sons who were sore all over. This holiday was momentous for me as it revealed just how much I have achieved and yet I know there is still more improvement to come.

Favourite moments in the gym? I have made many new friends at the gym which is important to me as I have not come with any of my friends. It is good to be able to chat to someone as the classes are about to start, see how they are going and what they have achieved. I use a Myzone belt (which I won in a Pinnacle challenge) and the other members and I watch and compare how we are going through Locker Room sessions. As a result, I try harder to stay in front of them or catch them and that ultimately benefits me and my training.

New Goals? As I get fitter and stronger, I’m considering doing things outside the gym that I would never have considered before. Maybe a triathlon, maybe Tough Mudder. Definitely more long distance bike riding and getting a new road bike. The potential to do things that I was not physically up to before has given me a new lease of life!

Advice for someone in your old shoes? Come to Pinnacle and join in. You might feel slightly out of place fitness or coordination-wise to begin with, but persist for 3-4 weeks and you will be amazed at the change. The more you work, the better you feel and the better you feel, the more you work. If you have any issues, speak to the Coaches or fellow members because they will all help you to succeed.

Interested in finding out why Brian loves sessions in The Locker Room so much? Download a 3 Class Pass here.

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Our members’ success stories consistently prove that a combination of strong relationships with a Coach, an energising team atmosphere and an injection of FUN leads to more motivation and outstanding results! That’s exactly what the following programs have been designed for – and with Summer just around the corner – there’s no better time to jump on board…


Our 12 Week Challenge is a fun way to achieve results! Join a group of like-minded people who’ll soon become lifelong friends as you motivate each other to turn up to every session and make each workout count! Club vs Club challenges also help keep energy high, with three scheduled in the times you need it most.

As you have different goals for different stages in life, there are two categories in the 12WKC – Transformation & Performance. Many past Transformation Challengers have lost over 15kgs and we’ve seen six-packs appear on the torso of our extraordinary men & women in the Performance Category! However, it’s not the weight loss or physical health benefits that keep people coming back – it’s so much more than that!

Discover why so many people have told us the 12WKC changed their life! Register HERE now for the next challenge, due to start 28th Aug and save $20 with early bird rates until midnight Friday 4th August,


Remember spending every summer day outside when you were a kid, running, jumping and playing? It was exercise that didn’t feel like exercise at all. These feelings are at the heart of The Locker Room. Locker Room sessions – known as ‘Fit50’ & ‘Lift50’ – are themed 50-minute Team Training Workouts that change daily, so you’ll never get bored. They’re also facilitated by a motivating Coach who’ll push you to new limits, whether you’re an amateur athlete or self-confessed couch potato!

Ongoing support promises to keep you on-track with monthly Coach check-ins and nutrition suggestions that are based on real time feedback from your complimentary App – PHCFitCoach.


For 28 Days straight, experience the power of unprecedented support from expert coaches who’ll never let you take your eyes of the goal! Whether weight loss, muscle gain or a more active lifestyle is your end game, our 28 Day Game Changer is the perfect starting place.

Starting at scheduled times during most months of the year (excluding 12WKC start dates), with an interactive seminar covering nutrition, training & recovery, you’ll also receive 28 Days of unlimited Fit50 & Lift50 Team Training Sessions, Nutrition & Training Feedback via FitCoach App and complimentary Before & After Inbody Scans. But you have to be quick to register as space is limited to 30 people per club each month.

Register for the next round of 28 Day Game Changer HERE


Our dedicated Wellness studios are tranquil spaces where you can choose to work up a sweat or simply enjoy a touch of relaxation in your week. Try Reformer Pilates, Hot Pilates Circuit, Power Yoga or Hot Yoga to build lean muscular strength, flexibility and prevent injuries. If it’s greater balance, clarity and better sleep you desire, give mediation a go – you wont regret it!

No matter what takes your fancy, our expert Wellness Practitioners will guide you every step of the way so you get the greatest benefit out of every session.

To see exactly what’s on offer and book a casual session, click HERE


If you’re not getting what you want out of your workout, a Coach can kick start a new routine and get you inspired again. It’s also a great way to get some tips on proper techniques and maintain accountability each week!

Meet out expert Coaching Team HERE

If you want to know more about any of the exciting programs on offer at Pinnacle, we’d love to help. Speak to one of our awesome team members next time you’re in or give your local club a call.  And remember, we’re here for you whenever you need a little bit of something extra or just want to have fun whilst getting fitter, healthier & stronger!

Meet Remarkable Rosie

Rosie Raftellis, 22 has been a member of Pinnacle Scoresby for over 3 years and despite being plagued by injuries that required her to undergo two shoulder and one knee reconstruction she has achieved incredible results! Rosie attributes her success to three things: Consistency, a healthy relationship with food and a positive attitude. Read her full story for some guaranteed motivation…

Rosie on her proudest achievements…
I’ve dropped 15 kilos, am no longer afraid of the weights zone and have hit some PBs with weight lifting, as well as learnt new techniques and exercises.

On the changes that helped her achieve these results…
Consistent gym sessions, healthy eating (specifically portion control and no more fad diet, as well as prepping for the week ahead), and most importantly, I’ve developed a better overall attitude to diet and exercise.

On motivation…
Looking at old photos of myself to see how far I’ve come is a great motivator, as are the other gym members. If I’m feeling lazy it’s great to have a good chat to someone else in the gym and feed off their energy.

On what she’s learnt about herself…
If I want it, I can achieve it.

On how Pinnacle has helped…
The 12 Week Challenge was a big turning point for me. The combination of member and coach support, along with fun (but tough!) challenges made it easier to turn up to every session. The friends I made during the 12WKC and the supportive environment you feel as soon as you walk in to any Pinnacle Health Club – along with the recent upgrades to the Scoresby club – have helped keep me motivated to work hard on my goals.

On her proudest moment so far…
Achieving unassisted pull ups!

Rosie’s advice to anyone wanting a positive change…
Negative thoughts won’t get you anywhere.

Member Nicole is Ab Fab!

Joining Pinnacle Health Club one year ago – just before her 40th birthday (no, we can’t believe she’s over 30 either!) – Oakleigh member Nicole has gone from strength to strength. In Feb this year, she signed up for her first 12 Week Challenge in the gruelling Performance Category and lost 6.5% body fat, revealing those rippling abs! She also learnt a lot from her coach and discovered she could achieve much more than she originally gave herself credit for. Here’s a little part of Nicole’s 12WKC journey… 

WHY did you join this 12 Week Challenge? I entered the challenge to motivate me and to increase my fitness/strength.

WHO helped you get to the end of the Challenge?  My preference is to train early so training for me is usually alone. I aim to be at the gym by 5am most mornings which is too early for most people I know but thankfully there were always lots of friendly faces in my gym and this helped. Also, I couldn’t have achieved what I did without my fabulous Coach Heather – she helped me get through each of the weekly Performance challenges and was great at explaining how to do exercises correctly – there were quite a few that I had never heard of!

WHAT else helped you get to the end of the Challenge? During the challenge my competitive side came out. I wanted to see what I could achieve and I wanted to be placed on the weekly leader board – this was a surprising motivator. I also set goals at the beginning of the challenge and focused on achieving them.

HOW do you make you feel now compared to when you started the Challenge? I definitely feel fitter, stronger and leaner!

WHAT have you learnt about yourself during the challenge? That I really don’t like rowing! (ha!) But seriously, I learnt that I am stronger than I thought and I can push myself harder physically.

WHAT was the BEST part of the Challenge? The challenge was great at making me focus on my overall health, I ate really clean and didn’t have any alcohol plus I trained 7 times a week which resulted in a 6.5% decrease in body fat.

WHAT was the TOUGHEST part of the Challenge? For me the toughest part was actually completing the weekly challenges, some of them were very, very tough! But I felt so good when they were done.

What would you say to someone who is afraid of joining the next Challenge? Go for it, it’s such a positive thing to do; entering the challenge helped me commit to achieving my goals. It’s great to have something to hold you accountable and you can achieve pretty amazing results in 12 weeks.

Keen to be a part of the 12 Week Challenge Performance Category or prefer a more team based training? The next 12 Week Challenge is scheduled to start 21st August 2017 and will include both Team and Performance Categories. Register your interest here

How Shonira won the 12WKC

For Scoresby Superstar Shonira, you could say her latest 12 Week Challenge journey was “third time lucky”, but luck had nothing to do with it! A Pinnacle member since 2013, Shonira has brought her gorgeous energy to 12 Week Challenges in the past and achieved really good results. However, this round, she was more determined and committed than ever, and with the support of her Coach and a great team, she achieved some mind-blowing results. Read on to hear all about it… 


WHY did you join this 12 Week Challenge? I was extremely unhappy with my body and desperately wanted to lose weight because I didn’t like looking in the mirror or having photos taken of me.

DID you achieve what you set out to? Yes, and then some! I came 1st Place in the female transformation category, winning an overnight stay at St Jermome’s Hotel in a Luxe Plus Glamping Tent! I lost 13.7kgs in total which was 11.5kg of fat and a 17.13% body weight loss. I also made some amazing new friendships which was paramount to my success.

WHO was your Coach and how did they support you during the challenge? I trained with Tim during the PM sessions. He was so amazing, always touching base with me and making sure I was on the right track. He knew about my pre-existing injuries and made sure I was working out within my capabilities. Tim made team training sessions enjoyable and always had a smile on his face – no matter what. He definitely motivated me to keep my diet and exercise on track.

WHO was your Team and what support did they provide? I met the most amazing group of people during team training and we definitely all supported each other. This motivated me to turn up to every session and work as hard as the next person. I don’t think I would have achieved the same results if I was working out alone because the best part of the 12WKC was definitely the new friends that I made.

WHAT else helped you get to the end of the Challenge? I had incredible support from my family, friends and my partner. Everyone around me knew my goals and how dedicated I was to them so every time I tried to slip off my diet, there was someone to push the candy bar out of my hands. From the very start of the challenge, I set goals and made myself a meal plan. Having everything set out means that I was more likely to stick to it and be accountable.

HOW do you feel? I feel absolutely amazing. No words can describe the difference that I see in my life after this 12WKC. I am so much happier and coming to gym is more a part of my daily routine than a chore. I look in the mirror now and I am delighted with the way I look and the way I feel. It’s given me a more positive body image and a better outlook on life. By comparing where I was fitness-wise at Week 1 to where I am now, the difference is extraordinary. I now know it’s not actually that hard to stay fit and healthy – and it can be really fun!

WHAT have you learnt about yourself during the challenge? Even though I absolutely love everything sugary and sweet in life, there is definitely such a thing as ‘too much sugar’. I have a better understanding of my limits when it comes to food and exercise and the cliché is true: Everything in moderation.

WHAT was the BEST part of the Challenge? Making some amazing friends that made training much more enjoyable. I probably wouldn’t have attended as many sessions had I not met Holly, Amanda and Elly. This amazing support network is key in achieving your goals. Also the Saturday session at Rush HQ was so much fun!!!

WHAT was the TOUGHEST part of the Challenge? Definitely the Decathlon in the Pinnacle Olympics. It was very challenging and I’m still surprised that I passed the finish line.

What would you say to someone who is afraid of joining the next Challenge? Don’t be afraid at all. It was so much fun and your team and training partners motivate you to push further. Everyone is working towards the same goals of increasing their fitness and living a healthier lifestyle. I can’t wait till the next challenge starts.

We can’t wait either Shonira! The next 12 Week Challenge is scheduled to start 21st August 2017. You can register your interest here