Dedicated husband, proud Dad to two sons – aged 6 & 3 and Demons devotee, Shawn Flynn, 39 was motivated threefold to prioritise his health & fitness. First and foremost, he wanted to be a better role model to his sons by showing them better nutrition & training behaviour; he also wanted to get fit enough to run in the veteran races of the 2018 Stawell Gift carnival & VAL calendar; and finally, Shawn wanted to be a better player and teammate to his Forest Hill footy club this season.

This was no mean feat for a bloke who not only juggles the everyday chaos of being a parent with his beloved wife, but spends most of his 8hr working day sitting at a desk. However, this month, Shawn recorded a 31.5kg weight loss since last weighing in just 6 weeks ago! Here’s some insight into how Shawn prioritised his health and truly discovered his potential…

How long have you been training with Pinnacle Health Club (PHC)?
Approximately 7 month – since Aug 2016.

Why did you choose to train at PHC in the first place? 
My wife Jodie trains at the Scoresby club and suggested I try it out as she knew I liked free weights, and there were plenty of them! I was interested in the Olympic Lifting and Strength & Conditioning session because I had done plenty of weight training over the years & enjoyed this type of training.

What results have you achieved in this time?
My dedication has come back and I owe a lot of that to Results Training at Pinnacle. The small group sessions have been excellent as I really enjoy the environment with coaches and other members. It’s similar to the groups I ran with when I trained as a sprinter in high school/early 20s – a lot of great energy and camaraderie!

I have also achieved lifetime best bench press & back squat figures of 115kgs & 155kgs respectively.

What do you think has been the key to your results? 
The environment, sessions & people involved all come together to get the best results for members at Pinnacle. I’m more likely to attend the results small group training than workout on my own, as there’s people there who you enjoy training with.

I watched the movie ‘Fat Sick & Nearly Dead’ by Joe Cross and was inspired to try his 60 day juice cleanse. This helped get me on track in the early stages and see how complacent I was being with my nutritional habits.

What does a typical week of health & fitness consist of for you?

  • Monday: Olympic Lifting
  • Wednesday: Football training
  • Thursday: XFitness
  • Saturday: Strength & Conditioning class
  • Sunday: Cardio session such as the 1,000 steps

What have you learnt about yourself during this journey?
I can still get fit and trim in my late 30s. This has been an awesome awakening as I was close to giving up any hope of being fit again

What’s your fitness philosophy?  

  • I like to be fit enough to do the things I enjoy, like playing football & running
  • Take care of your body with a lot of stretching, a good massage at Life in Balance Massage & osteo support from Heathmont Osteopathy to keep everything in line; plenty of deep breathing and water to keep you going during the training sessions
  • Respect your training partners by doing your bit when it comes time and supporting their work ethic and achievements.

What advice do you have for other people searching for similar results? 
Keep trying until you find the thing that works for you. And – no one is too busy to prioritise their health – you can fit it all in, you just have to want to!

What is your proudest achievement thus far? 
Getting back to within reach of 100kgs – I’m currently 101.8KG & was 133.3KG on 8th Jan 2017

What goals are you working towards now? 
Playing football at 90-95KG during winter & running in a veterans 300m in November 2017 at 80KG.

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.