Meet Alana. A young mum of two beautiful girls who has been through her fair share of ups & downs. Her most recent success was taking home the People’s Choice award in our last 8WC and we wanted to share her story.

At 21 years old, Alana has diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma which was the driving force for her need to be healthy and live an active lifestyle. Since then, Alana has had two beautiful daughters and came to Pinnacle to lose some baby weight and get back into a healthy routine post bub.

“At my heaviest, I was 97kg and I am now 64kg but now focussed on measuring my strength as that is more important to me that the scales. You only have one body and it’s something to cherish, with good lifestyle comes good health and that is irreplaceable.”

“In the last 12 months I have completed 2 Pinnacle 8WC and smashed my goals to get stronger. Now, I am focussed on maintaining what I have achieved.”

As part of the Oakleigh team, Alana has taken part in the 8WC team sessions and is now continuing her training as part of The Locker Room.

“I love the family vibe at Oakleigh, it’s always really fun and I enjoy working out in a group and head coach Ceri telling me what to do! I loved every session, especially the bubble soccer- you have to give this a go at least once in your life!”

If Alana could give anyone considering the 8WC some advice…

“Just go for it. Despite my size, I was always the last one running and the slowest at the circuit. No one starts fit, it’s something that you build on and the challenge is really good for comparing how you were at the start to the end. There is always a notable difference. Even if you take it easy, it’s better than nothing at all.”

If you are a young mummy like Alana and looking to make a change to your lifestyle and make some friends along the way, enquire about our January 8WC here.