Given all the potential issues that could derail training for a few days (or more) – bad weather is right up the top! When it’s raining outside it’s so easy to skip that important gym session for a night in but, as we all know, no one ever regretted a workout – so this is your reminder to stay on track.  To help make the next 6 weeks before summer really count, we asked some Pinnacle experts for their best tips…

Add exercises that use big muscle groups, like squats and deadlifts, to burn more calories and help shape your glutes and legs ready for shorts weather! Cleans are my go-to full body workout so if you’re feeling a little adventurous try an Olympic Lifting session or one-on-one with a coach! – Heather Marini, Oakleigh Coach

Train Biceps and Triceps at the start of every workout. That way, no matter what, you’ll look the goods in your singlet over the summer. – Alex Shillabeer, Oakleigh Coach

Incorporate sprint and HIIT training into a Strength program to maximise fat burning potential and improve metabolic rate post training – Dave Carman, Scoresby Coach

Slip, slop, squat! Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol is very dense in calories, increases fat storage (effects body composition) & also will reduce your performance. – Jade Halliday, Upwey Club Manager

It’s about consistency with your training and ensuring good food is maintained. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and remaining hydrated. And enjoy the sun (when it comes out!) – Steve Moore, Scoresby Coach

Get outdoors! Once the weather warms up, it’s a great opportunity to mix up your gym workouts by enjoying some of our community’s incredible surroundings. Get your gym buddies together and go hiking, do the 1000 steps, head to the beach or even use the equipment at one of the local parks. –  Mikaela Welti, Scoresby Coach

Find a goal to keep yourself motivated, make it fun, and maintain a healthy diet to keep the mindset clear and the body happy. – Pharrell Shaymar, Pinnacle Group Instructor

Continue to stick to a workout regime within the gym, even during the holiday period. – Hugh Degaris, Exercise Physiologist

Don’t forget good nutrition plays a huge role in peak performance…  

Get your nutrition sorted! You can train as hard, and as much as you like, but if your food intake isn’t right then you’ll see minimal to no improvement in body composition – Tim Bennett, Upwey Coach

Consistency is important. Many people I see at the gym don’t eat enough, or the right balance, for training which affects their results and energy – Konsita Kuswara, Nutted Out Nutrition (Pinnacle Dietician Partner)

Make your calories count, don’t fill up on empty calories and eat food that will fuel your body! – Melissa McLennan, Upwey Coach

*Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and/or muscle gain over an extended period of time.

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