As we adjust to life in lockdown again, a new wave of emotions can come over us. Important parts of our life that we started to get back have now suddenly been removed again. We can have feelings of  loss, frustration and even sadness.

Finding positivity and new ways to fulfil routines that we just started is important to still gain the physical and mental benefits they provide us. Here are what we believe are the key ingredients to help you manage through the next 6 weeks and how we can be there to support.

Social Connection

One of the most significant parts of life that lockdown takes away is social connection. As humans, we thrive on connecting and being with others. Catching up with family and friends, but also missing that daily 2 minute conversation at a cafe or at the gym. You never realise how a smile and a ‘have a nice day’ from a stranger can actually help you.

So how can we still connect with others? Obviously we have become familiar with technology catch ups with Zoom and Facetime which is important to see the smiles we miss. With current restrictions, you can still train with a personal trainer or a private class- this is a great way to see other people in a healthy and positive way. Find out more about our 1:1 private coaching options here.

Appreciate Nature

It sounds cliche, but getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine has so many physical and mental benefits for us. It helps us reduce anxiety, boost our vitamin D, lower blood pressure and improve our focus.

Getting outside for a walk or even just spending some time in the garden can help us feel better and more connected with ourselves. Remember that just because or clubs are closed, doesn’t  mean we can’t support you in person outdoors. We have created some amazing wellness pods designed to transform your daily outdoor exercise into a wellness experience. Have a look here

Practice Yoga

We may be biased on this one, but during times of uncertainty and stress, yoga is a fantastic form of exercise. Yoga helps manage your emotional and physical health. It’s not about being flexible, spiritual or calm. It’s about taking the time you need to switch off your mind from the outside noise of work, family and stress. Focus on connection your body & mind to be in sync.

And the extra benefit? Yoga is something can be done from anywhere- all you need is you and a yoga mat. We have a variety of online yoga classes and new 1:1 yoga classes that we highly recommend you to explore. Find out more here

Do you need extra help with your health & fitness right now? Chat to our team today to see how we can help you.