28 Day Game Changer

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, we are giving you 28 day plus a full support team.

Who is our 28 Day Game Changer for?

Our Game Changer program is designed for those of us that need some extra motivation and aren’t seeing the results they want from their current training. It happens, we get bored or unmotivated sometimes.

Becoming a Game Changer is accepting that your fitness routine needs a kick start and you are ready to get out of your comfort zone.

Why does it work?

Our program focusses on HIIT team training, the most effective form of exercise to increase cardio fitness & strength in a fun & motivating environment. You will also receive exclusive nutrition support from our in-house Nutritionist to start those healthy eating habits.

How will I feel during and after my 28 Day Program?

Full of endorphins, proud of the results you are already seeing from a change in program and ready for your new health & fitness routine after your 28 days program.

What do I get as part of the program?

  • 28 days of Unlimited Team Coaching sessions including FIT 50 & LIFT 50 sessions.
  • Before & After Body Composition Scans including a 1:1 Coach Catch Up to help set your goals and focus.
  • 28 Day Meal Plan with Dietitian approved recipes.
  • Interactive Nutrition Workshop to learn how your nutrition can play an important role in your training and ask as many questions as you like!
  • 24/7 Nutritional Support via the Pinnacle FitCoach App
  • Support & Guidance from a Motivating Coach – not just during sessions but you’ll also benefit from weekly phone calls to chat about your nutrition and training. These conversations are a great opportunity for providing feedback to one another, seeking answers to questions you’d prefer to ask in private and requesting handy tips for extra motivation!
  • Working out in a fun and supportive environment surrounded by likeminded people

Registration closes Thursday 10th February and starts Monday 11th February.

Get in quick, limit 30 people each round!

Game Changers have lost up to 7kgs in 28 days, significantly improved their health and felt amazing both inside & out (Click on the image below to read Member, Dishani’s story).

Go on, Be a Game Changer. Register Now!

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